Postmaster General Restructures U.S. Postal Service

Layers Eliminated, Officer Ranks Reduced –    see new USPS organization chart

WASHINGTON — A 16 percent reduction to the officer ranks, realigning revenue-generating business units and closing one Area office are among steps taken today by Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe to create a leaner, faster, smarter U.S. Postal Service.

While cost savings will be realized, the main objective of the restructuring is to enhance and strengthen customer service and relationships. The realignment flattens the organization, enabling flexibility to more quickly adapt to changing market forces and continuing mail volume decline.

The actions today also provide a more integrated focus toward accomplishing key business goals: Strengthening the business-to-consumer channel; improving the customer experience; competing for the package business; and becoming a leaner, faster and smarter organization.

“It is imperative that the Postal Service continue its evolution as a forward-thinking, fast-acting company capable of providing quality products and services for customers and a welcoming, diverse, professional workplace,” Donahoe said.

Major changes include:

* Developing both market dominant and competitive products now is the responsibility of one officer, the vice president of Domestic Products. Where those products are sold – in retail, online or in alternative spaces – becomes the responsibility of the vice president of Channel Access.
* All customer interaction and support, whether for large corporations, small businesses or individual consumers, will be the responsibility of the vice president of Consumer and Industry Affairs. The Consumer Advocate remains a vital part of customer service and will report to this officer.
* The engineering technology and systems that keep mail moving and prepare the Postal Service for the future of mail, including Intelligent Mail, will become an integral part of the Information Technology department.
* All Human Resources functions will be led by the Chief Human Resources Officer, supported by the vice presidents of Labor Relations and Employee Resource Management.
* The Chief Sustainability Officer will continue the leadership role in greening the Postal Service and the mailing industry. This officer will report to the Deputy Postmaster General.
* The senior vice president title has been eliminated.

The Southeast Area Office, based in Memphis, TN, will be closed to help streamline Postal operations. All previous Southeastern districts now will report to the Southwest Area Office, with two exceptions: Tennessee District will report to Eastern Area and Atlanta District will report to Capital Metro Area. No implementation date has been established yet.

“The Postal Service is committed to making necessary changes to continue to provide quality service to our customers and to reinforce the value of the mail,” Donahoe said. “Ensuring customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of all plans and strategies we develop.”

19 thoughts on “Postmaster General Restructures U.S. Postal Service

  1. I have been with USPS for 30+ years. It used to be fun, challenging and rewarding. I have been an ET for 22 of these years. I am amazed almost daily when I see the ignorant, stupid things that management does. None of our managers have any knowledge of maintenance. Most of them failed to even pass the MM test. I wonder how some of them dress themselves. Thank GOD I will be retiring soon. I wish all of my friends all the best. I hope the PS lasts long enough for them to retire also.
    I am also convinced that the present management will finally destroy it.


  2. “No implementation date has been established yet.”

    the second tuesday of 2050!!!!!

    another joke of a move. the OIG told the post offie to go to three areas. what this does is leave 8 areas?

  3. These comments are viral and this infection (opinions on mgt.) should be reported to the fed’s desease center in Atl.

  4. I looked at the “new” organizational chart and there still looks to be 87 Vice Presidents. Wow. Big change.

  5. Old Clerk – I agree with you a 100%. As a retired window clerk, I too provided my cutomers with the services they required for their mailing and not the upsell services we are required to push. I bet you also noticed when management have to send there packages, they always send it parcel post or media mail. Glad I took the early out. Now I do not have to put up with management bull and I sleep better at night.

  6. For Your Information, Custodians are in the Most secure position in the U.S.P.S.
    If you are a Plant Employee. Unlike other Crafts that are staffed based on Mail Volume and Operational changes, Custodians are staffed on Building Size and Square footage of their facility size, Refer to MS-47
    Not by Mail Volume or Number of Employee’s in a Facility.

    Custodian Craft consists of Mostly Military Vets that are Protected.
    Custodial craft was created for vets initially, those who have chose to
    change craft Vet or not are Protected under the same guidelines.

    I am not saying we are Untouchable Management will continue to do what they want to do, but when it is all over and done in the end we will prevail.

  7. I wish you could see the management clowns at the greensboro nc p&dc. They have no idea of what is going on or who is in charge. Our plant manager is skull fucked, and the mdo’s are suffering from paralysis of the neck up. The stooges look like scientist compared to theses ignorant fucks. We are going to do our best and run this plant into the motherfucking ground, because that our idea of management. Please god help me.

  8. I agree with Sick of This. This is merely a drop in a bucket. PMG needs to eliminate atleast 40 Districts and 5 Area offices if he really wants to make this organization more leaner and faster. Everything is online and all reports are available at the push of a button. Why do you still need all these districts and area offices during this time of technology.

  9. i love the double talk bullshit.. just filed my first eeo complaint.. and i plan on retiring in may.. i based it on the facts.. not double talk.. i dont want anything for myself.. i want to expose these bastards for what they are…. phonies…
    the whole place is fake…. all of a sudden we dont have to push xpress mail down their throats.. ??? hell i never have.. i give customers what they in determining what is best for them with their particular pkg.. etc.. do i give them an 8 inch piece of tape instead of telling them to buy a whole roll?? you bet..thats why i put the ups/fed ex drop off pt up the street out of business.. in a year..haha..
    they know nothing about promoting a business..nothning..

  10. What a joke.16% how much have the craft positions declined in the last 5 don’t forget,up until last year L’Enflant plaza was the only place where they increased the amount of people that work there.

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