Opinion: USPS In Top Five Of Business Blunders For 2010

Is this an opinion on the “Top 5 Business Blunders of 2010” or a way to promote a newly released book?

Although 2010 won’t be remembered for colossal corporate bankruptcies or bailouts, the year still saw its fair share of business failures, many due to self-inflicted wounds. My Top 5 Business Blunders includes businesses that, through every fault of their own, have failed to remember and implement core business

5. United States Postal Service: A Failure of Management –It might seem unfair to start the list with a government bureaucracy. However, the USPS is that rare government bureaucracy that performs a valuable business service (as opposed to an administrative service) for everyone and doesn’t receive any tax revenue to operate. In other words, the USPS is supposed to function like a business.

Facing both technological and competitive obstacles, the USPS lost $8.5 billion in 2010. Part of the problem is that the USPS has 535 CEOs, otherwise known as Congress, who stymie any serious structural reform. But the USPS is also burdened with outdated procedures, infrastructure and staffing that fail to focus on real customer needs.

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One thought on “Opinion: USPS In Top Five Of Business Blunders For 2010

  1. I read the story with interest then followed the link to see it was published by Fox News…if I had to choose between watching Fox News or no news at all I would take the latter. Like the Republican Party, I just don’t trust them. Out here in California the Republicans got shut out of all state wide offices in the November election, why? The Enron/Bush friendship brought this state to its knees and when the wild fires knocked out some of the power lines what did Enron say, ” ‘Burn baby Burn. ‘ ” What was Bush’s position, ” ‘De-regulation is good for America.’ ” When is unbridled capitalism good for America? If you listen to Fox News that’s what they tell us. Who runs Fox News? Isn’t it Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes. Roger Ailes is one of the power brokers of the Republican along with Karl Rove, a.k.a. Bush’s brain. We got the election right out here in California and as long as the Republican party runs Fox News we won’t trust them either.

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