USPS Seeking Suppliers For Next Generation Retail Software System

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This Notice is for small, minority and woman-owned business sub-contracting opportunities

The Postal Service has issued a solicitation for the Next Generation Retail System Software (Next Gen RSS). This software will be utilized across all of the retail Point of Sale platforms. USPS is seeking Software, Software Maintenance, Software Support, and Help Desk Support across the continental United States. This is a competitive solicitation with prequalified suppliers. The award is subject to funding availability and the proposal received.

Posted Date:
December 23, 2010

Response Date:
Jan 31, 2011 1:00 pm Eastern

One thought on “USPS Seeking Suppliers For Next Generation Retail Software System

  1. You’ve GOT to be kidding… USPS is actually going to upgrade the POS systems? Is that going to be for ALL offices, or just the offices that currently have POS ONE, which will then be given to the NCDs that are currently using the old black box IRTs?

    Let me think… POS ONE is pushing 20 years old, on a software platform that was discontinued ten years ago. The IRTs are pushing at least 25 years old, and still don’t have hard drives. Yup, it’s about time to upgrade both of them.

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