Video: USPS contractors say they don’t have enough trucks to run all the mail

Postal Service Contractors are scrambling to deliver all the mail before Christmas:

Every year at Christmas, the Post Office schedules extra runs for their local highway contractors. Last year, they had to cancel many of those runs, but this year, contractors say they’ve added so many they can’t keep up with all the mail. Highway contractors, like retailers, make their profit at the end of the year so Christmas time is crucial. If people don’t buy presents, they don’t mail them and if they don’t mail the packages, contractors can’t move them.

Contractors say between the snow and the economy, last year was a real struggle. However, this year, they say they don’t have enough trucks to ship all the mail. The weather has cooperated so far except for last Saturday’s blizzard. Contractors say for your mail to make it by Christmas, the weather has to cooperate.

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