NALC: Proposed Federal Pay Freeze Does Not Include Postal Workers

The National Association Of Letter  Carriers released the following statement:

Proposed federal pay freeze: President Barack Obama announced on Monday a plan to freeze federal employees’ pay for two years, calling the measure necessary to help reduce the federal deficit. Postal workers, however, are paid by the self-sustaining U.S. Postal Service, and so they are not included in this proposal.

3 thoughts on “NALC: Proposed Federal Pay Freeze Does Not Include Postal Workers

  1. In a recent report, the Institute for the Research on the Economics of Taxation has written: “The U.S. Postal Service currently provides a small number of nonpostal government services, such as accepting passport applications, offering Selective Service registration forms, and renting excess space to other government agencies. The Postal Service should work with other government agencies to offer more nonpostal government services. These activities will benefit the general public, other government entities, and the Postal Service itself if several important conditions are met.”

  2. Obama is on record demanding postal employees pay more for their health insurance so do not crow to much about how wonderful Obama is to postal employees.

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