USPS Hires Top Legal Firms To Battle PRC in Court

According to Jeff Jeffrey reporting  for the National Law Journal via  the Daily Business Review.

Postal Service goes to court over rate request

November 26, 2010

Twice this year, disputes between the Postal Service and the commission that regulates it have landed in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.

In the latest case, filed on Oct. 22, postal officials want the D.C. Circuit to overturn a decision by regulators to reject an increase on the cost of  mailing a letter or package.

And postal officials are hiring top legal talent to help in the fight. To the rate-increase battle, they’ve brought on former Solicitor General Paul Clement and fellow appellate litigators from King & Spalding.

In the earlier case, which was over the commission’s regulatory powers, a team that included Mayer Brown managing partner Kenneth Geller and partner Miriam Nemetz worked on behalf of postal officials.

The commission is represented by its general counsel, Stephen Sharfman, and Justice Department appellate lawyers Eric Fleisig-Greene and Michael Raab.

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2 thoughts on “USPS Hires Top Legal Firms To Battle PRC in Court

  1. Headquarters stopped wasting so much money, on things such as OIG studies to study crap that don’t mean/or have anything to do with the mail, TONS OF TOP MANAGERS @ HEADQUARTERS WHY??? I still feel that if your NOT WORKING mail, your just an OVER PAID PENCIL PUSHER, that the USPS can do WITHOUT!!!!! AS FAR AS BOUNESES, THAT YOU GIVE YOURSELF what a joke, the ONLY reason GOALS ARE MET, is because of CRAFT EMPLOYEES, and how many years has it been since you gave us any recognition??? NEVER… I don’t even think it’s middle Management that’s the problem (BUDGET BUSTING) the whole PROBLEM IS “HEADQUARTERS” STOP BLAMING CRAFT, AND PRC even BLIND PEOPLE CAN SEE, WHERE ALL OF THE MONEY IS WASTED…………..HEADQUARTERS-HEADQUARTERS-HEADQUARTERS, GET RID OF MOST OF THEM, AND WE WON’T NEED TO RAISE THE PRICE OF POSTAGE AND RISK LOOSING CUSTOMERS..WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW MUCH WILL IT COST TO BATTLE THIS IN COURT???? THE USPS, SURE WILL BE MAKING THESE “TOP LEAGLE LAW FIRMS” VERY HAPPY AND RICH!!!! AND THEY ARE LAUGHING AT THE USPS ALL THE WAY TO THE (BANK) I THINK THE BOARD OF GOVERNORS SHOULD STEP IN AND DO THEIR JOB, PUT A STOP TO THIS, BECAUSE WE LOOK LIKE FOOLS.. Make Headquarters Be reduced by 75% PERIOD! PUT A HIREING FREEZE IN PLACE THERE!!!!

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