Relatives of Slain Henning Postal Workers Speak Out

RIPLEY, Tenn. – Family members and friends gathered to ask the public for help in catching the suspects who gunned down two women at the post office in Henning, Tennessee.

Investigators say they know several members of the community have specific and direct knowledge about what happened inside the Henning Post Office when Spray and Robinson were shot multiple times and killed.

“Now is the time that they need to come forward and provide us with such information and you need to immediately contact authorities,” said Yulanda Burns with Postal Inspection.

But family was brought center stage Thursday to evoke emotion and they plead for those who know something to say something.

“Please were begging you to come forward so we can have the closure we need to move on and start to heal,” said Baker.

Investigators are tight lipped about every aspect of their investigation only saying new evidence discovered recently has now narrowed their investigation.
source: Fox 13 News