USPS: Beware Of Spam – Bogus Delivery E-Mails Sent To Customers

Postal Inspectors say customers should not click on the link. Like most viruses sent by e-mail, clicking on the link will activate a virus that can steal information — such as user names, passwords and financial account information.

The e-mails, which claim to be from the Postal Service, contain fraudulent information about an attempted or intercepted package delivery. Customers receiving the e-mail are instructed to click on the link to learn when they can expect delivery.

What to do? Simply delete the message without taking any further action. The U.S. Postal Inspection Service and IT are working to shut down the malicious program.

USPS is instructing customers who have delivery problems or questions about this e-mail to call 800-ASK-USPS.

source: USPS News Link

6 thoughts on “USPS: Beware Of Spam – Bogus Delivery E-Mails Sent To Customers

  1. I got this email and stupidly I did click to read it, but when I picked a program to open for the details I got a blank box. Does this mean my anti-virus protected me from it or does it mean I did in fact get the virus???

  2. Why is the USPS not locating the people responsible and prosecuting them? If someone can locate them, I will pay them a visit and make sure they can never do it again.

  3. We got hit really hard with this one today where I work. I am in the Desktop Support Department. The virus will put in it’s own proxy information and try redirecting your internet traffic. It’s a nasty one. One of the DLLs that you need to get rid of is C:\Windows\elujepop.dll

  4. my friend open this email, and told me that her bank account was wiped out! Be careful, do not open this email !!

  5. My boss received exact same email and when I tried to opent the zip file my anti virus program blocked it. I asked my boss if he sent any package by USPS and he said no, so I was thinking this might be a scam.

  6. SPAM: USPS Delivery Problem NR2366933

    I received an email from (United States Postal []) email address: The body of the email is as flollows: (it is an image that states)

    “USPS Logo

    Unfortunately we failed to delivery the postal package you have sent on the 19th of September in time becasue the recipients address is erroneous. Please print out the shipment label attached [USPS Label.doc] and collect the package at our office.

    United States Postal Service.

    Death toll rises to 3 in Hungary sludge flood ”

    There is a picture of a house and the words above it state
    “Change of address?
    Dont Stress
    Do it Online >”

    Attached to the email is a USPSLabel.Zip file.

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