Editorial: No Saturday mail delivery is a bad idea

There is no doubt that the Postal Service is facing the same economic hardships as almost every sector of the economy. It lost $3.5 billion in its fiscal quarter that ended June 30. However, some technological changes in society are also at work: The rise of e-mails and social networking has decimated the private first-class mail business, while the economic slowdown has resulted in far fewer parcels being delivered across the nation and internationally.

A reduction in service is not the way to convince the public that it is essential, however; in fact, it will likely push more people away. And as the Postal Service pushes away customers, it will also push away or drive out of business those companies that depend on the mail delivery system for everyday functions. The spiral will continue.

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One thought on “Editorial: No Saturday mail delivery is a bad idea

  1. WEll, I am a contract driver, and I haul the mail to from station to station, in the last 14 yrs, every year, the mail has declined, it is so pathetic now, we run emppty half the time. So my observation is this, in the rural communities, where there is a larger post office and 1 or two smaller offices within a 3 to 6 mile radius, Dont cut the service but combine the two smaller stations into one unit(bldg). Meaning keep the carriers, keep the same service we offer, but eliminate the stations who have less mail, as to relieve the rents and utilities. That would save tons of money for the USPS, and still keep the workers in a job, and keep customers happy. Or the other alternative is to open smaller stations for less time and let the bigger station do the full service. AND YES, to cut out Saturday delivery is not a good idea, as for businesses would suffer, and not everyone owns a computer and the older folks rely on the postal service. I love technology, and yes at times I am guilty of paying a bill online, but 9 out of 10 times, I mail my bills.
    just an observation

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