USPS: New Tool To Measure Service Delivery


How well is USPS doing to meet its service delivery commitments — internally and with its customers? With the new Service Delivery Calculator (SDC), the Postal Service will soon have more accurate and timely answers to this critical question.

SDC is a tool USPS and its customers soon will use to more accurately document service commitments, standards and actual delivery dates for all domestic mail classes.

The SDC replaced several older systems and combines everything they did in a single source of information. Another SDC advantage is its ability to provide real-time data, giving USPS flexibility to quickly make immediate changes in delivery commitments — updating, for example, Express Mail delivery commitments when a natural disaster strikes. The tool also lets ACE users view and print the Express Mail service directory.

DPMG and COO Pat Donahoe says SDC will be in full operation by the end of August. He advises area and district offices to prepare by making sure retail acceptance records are up to date and changes in commitments or cut off times are accurate.

“Providing this real-time data will give the most accurate information to our customers and can eliminate service failure situations that lead to postage refunds,” said Donahoe. “Overall, it’s a single corporate data source that improves efficiency.”

8 thoughts on “USPS: New Tool To Measure Service Delivery

  1. We’re billions of dollars in the hole so let’s go out and buy several hundred thousand new scanners at a cost of $????. Where is the cost savings. Aren’t the old scanners doing the job. According to the data I’ve seen, they are. But lets go spend millions on some new stuff anyway. A million here, a million there whose counting…Is this one of those use it or lose it situations? Who are we buying these from, is ex vp Bernstock involved? Lots of questions, how about some answers.

  2. Any data is only as good as the person that imputs it. As long as management is rewarded for numbers that cannot be checked easily the system fails. I personally do not believe there are many accurate reports within the USPS.

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  5. Eventually, I will have a bar code on evey piece of mail so when the carrier gets to your house, he will scan each piece of mail so people will be able to find out when the mail was delivered. I thought that one up myself.

  6. this will work only if management keeps the system updated with accurate info. lets hope it doesnt go same way as system that is supposed to keep post office box rents up to date.. the more automated we get the worse the service…thats the trend….

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