Letter: USPS And NALC

Confessions of a Former Station Manager: Letter to President Barack Obama, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Sen. Barbara Boxer and Rep. Elton Gallegly

US Postal Service and The National Assocation of Letter Carriers

1. It has become clear that a wide chasm is being formed between the workers and the rulers in America. This is true, also, in the US Postal Service. We’re told to save as much time as we can each day “Ten Minutes a Route” while upper level executives are getting away with outlandish white collar ethics violations and potential criminal exploits. Our OIG does nothing to collar them. The Inspection Service does nothing to enforce the laws these few executives are breaking. Both agencies report to the executive branch of our agency which shelters those who need to be placed under investigation. The NALC, or National Association of Letter Carriers, is the only group dedicated to policing the activities of those in charge. They are, even now, meeting at a convention in our home state to discuss things such as this. What are you doing about Ethics and possible Criminal Activities by Executives in the US Postal Service?

2. I realize everyone has a motivation for doing what they do. When people want to deny days of service, local post offices, and safe mail delivery to the American Public, I wonder what their motivation is. Are they intent on helping America have affordable mail service 6 days a week? Are they setting themselves up for rewarding jobs in private agencies after they destroy the US Postal Service? Are they sending accurate and correct information to the representatives of the American People? I feel you should do your part to investigate. What have YOU done in this area?

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