Should APWU Reverse Its Decision To Boycott USPS Voice of the Employee Surveys?

From the American Postal Workers’ Union ‘Ask the President’ on Voice of the Employee Surveys:


I would like the National Executive Board to reconsider its stance on participation in Voice of Employee surveys.

Here is my reasoning: Management releases their “findings” and states something to effect that 63 percent of those participating gave a favorable response. That may be true, but it is very misleading because the good members of the APWU have boycotted and not voiced our opinions.

I believe that if APWU members honestly answered the questions, management might discontinue the VOE. I believe that if the National Executive Board reconsidered its position on boycotting the VOE and formulated a plan to tell the truth about what is happening in many facilities across the nation, the true voice of the employee would be heard.

Michael, Local 7038, Tri-County Ohio Area Local

President Burrus:

Thank you for communicating with my office and sharing your views about the APWU position on participation in Voice of the Employee surveys.

The union decided to boycott the surveys because postal management used selective responses to justify regressive contract proposals.

The views of employees are critical in the workplace, but the union is responsible for hearing the opinions of all employees and speaking with one voice on their behalf.

Union meetings provide an excellent forum to discuss issues and resolve contradictions among workers. They offer an opportunity to set goals and voice complaints. When there are differences of opinion, union members have the opportunity to resolve them democratically and establish the union’s official position.

When we begin collective bargaining in September, the union will have to contend with management proposals that counter our demands. Management’s improper use of the opinions of individual employees would only serve as a distraction.

Thank you for your concern about your employment and your support for your union.

July 22, 2010

source: APWU

3 thoughts on “Should APWU Reverse Its Decision To Boycott USPS Voice of the Employee Surveys?

  1. Sadly the union agenda is slow and often does not help. It is always reactionary and NEVER proactive. I agree that we need to voice our displeasure on these surveys. Of course the questions are all loaded, but negative responses are still options. I was just notified that I will be getting a survey (funny, I did not get one all last year). I look forward to slamming management on every question. We are understaffed and bullied constantly. The few brown nosers we have in the office get whatever they want….days off, phone calls on the floor, etc because they run like idiots skipping their lunches and cutting their breaks short. Just to get a few favors. Stupid.

    I am tired of seeing managers replaced instantly (we have not only an OIC because our postmaster is on “detail” but a lousy 204B as our supervisor because our supervisor is on “detail” too. Funny that they are both puppets with the Postmaster still pulling their strings. Meanwhile, we had two retirements since October (neither replaced) and a PTF on maternity for the 4th time in 5 years. With 12 routes and an ox route we often only have nine people scheduled. The Post Office has become a sad joke where managers and their “pay for performance” numbers are the priority………..

  2. One of the problems with Mr Burrus’s opinion is that at the union meetings across the country I am sure the individual is drown out and excluded by politics, social cliques and union positions that may be contradictory to the individuals complaint. Let’s face it who want to stand up in front of people you may or may not agree with and try to win the heart of the crowd. If you don’t your personal opinion is never heard. As a group with out names or faces these surveys may reflect the same complaints that never get past the crowd. It might also reflect the real truth from the workroom floor. I am afraid that Mr. Burrus who I have a lot of respect for may just be guilty of the same things he accuses management of manipulating the outcome. Granted it is for the good of the Union but may not be good for the individual. But being bullied is still being bullied…

  3. How ca the ” Voice of the Employee ” survey be written by management ? Why don’t they allow the employees to formulate the questions so we get the true issues out there ? As Burrus said, the questions are tricks, and the answers are twisted to suit management goals. This has not been an honest process since it started.
    Anyone who thinks or believes that that the “Voice of the Employee is legitimate is fooling themselves.

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