Disputes With Co-Workers Is Not Worth Losing Your Job

According to The Cedartown (Georgia) Standard:

Cedartown police responded to the Cedartown Post Office in reference to two employees allegedly involved in a physical altercation.

The two females stated that they have been involved in verbal disputes in the past.

The two subjects allegedly got into a verbal argument in front of a customer. According to reports, at one point one of the females pushed the other, causing her to trip on a rug. Reports said that the female braced herself before she fell to the ground. The female then tried to call 911, at which time the other female disconnected the call by hanging up the phone. The victim is eight weeks pregnant, reports said.

The postmaster stated that an internal investigation will be made, according to reports. Police made no arrest in the case.

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The Postal Service is downsizing its workforce. Don’t make it easy for them by getting into verbal and/or physical altercations with co-workers.

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  1. Hey ladies and gentlemen, just in case you have not noticed, jobs are SCARCE! Check it out sometime. Hold on to what you have. Even the lousy paying jobs are not that easy to get!

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