USPS President Under Fire For Directing Postal Contracts To Former Associates Resigns

Postmaster General Announces Leadership Change
Bernstock to Leave U.S. Postal Service in June

WASHINGTON — Postmaster General John Potter today accepted the resignation of Robert F. Bernstock as president of Mailing and Shipping Services, effective June 4.

Bernstock will pursue opportunities in the private sector.

Bernstock joined the Postal Service as president of the newly created Mailing and Shipping Services in June 2008, agreeing to work with the Postal Service for an initial period of two years.

“Bob led the effort to rethink and redesign the USPS customer experience. His talent, creativity and extensive business experience have benefitted the Postal Service, our customers and our employees,” Potter said.

As president, Bernstock was responsible for all product management, product development, retail and commercial products and services, as well as commercial sales. The division is responsible for more than $65 billion in annual revenue.

Among Bernstock’s achievements during his tenure at the Postal Service are:

* The Summer Sale and other groundbreaking pricing incentives that successfully generated incremental mail volume and increased revenue.
* The Priority Mail Flat Rate Box integrated marketing campaign, “A Simpler Way to Ship” that engaged employees across the country, provided consistent and unified messaging across all retail channels and led to record growth.
* A complete reimagining and revenue-focused redesign of the Postal Service website, When complete this fall, customers will find a 21st Century system architecture that is easier to navigate, with customer-friendly interactive features making it even easier to do business with the Postal Service.
* The first Postal Service mobile applications launched earlier this year are part of ongoing efforts to channel technology for customer and business benefits.
* The first Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) “app” that allows customers to buy greetings with postage included for one price. “Postage Paid Greetings” uses a unique IMb on each card included in a package of cards. The business customer pays the postage expense when the cards are mailed.

“Bob’s work will have long-lasting, positive impact on the Postal Service and its customers,” Potter said.

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7 thoughts on “USPS President Under Fire For Directing Postal Contracts To Former Associates Resigns

  1. The people of this free country smell evil. The efforts to sink this ship has not worked … even as they continue to remove service access to the people. Strange that many of the private competitors of the USPS are making every effort to reach out to the customer … not a close the doors policy. Nor are the private firms waving a white flag to the internet, BUT are viewing and using the internet as a growth tool.

    Demand resignation of Postmaster General !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Stop the selling of USPS … a communication system built by founding fathers … and still has a function and a purpose (if there was no potential for this business then UPS, DHL, FedEx ……. should have closed their doors years ago)

    Re-structure the organization using the employees actually handling the mail and remove the management that is easily replaced by technologies already used in all sectors of business.

    Remove postmasters. Use the backup support OICs (are already in place in all post offices). This will be a huge cost savings. This could happen today … instant redirection of overhead.

    Off the self technologies can be readily applied to streamline customer updates.

    Co-ordinate solutions using other functioning government agencies and services. This is a strong problem solver.

    If the CFO says retirement benefits are the primary drag to the bottom line …
    why was this money normally set aside for this need MISSING (or should we say who – where – how -why). This is a major question needing a truthful answer.

    Set up pilot shop trial test beds to minimize technology updates. Do not try a one size fits all plan. Expect and design plans to fit the character of the community.

    A turn around of the USPS business model (huge removal of management overhead and using of technologies available off the self). Could be an example of how the US can rebuild and grow again. The US could use these positive results to inspire hopes and dreams again.

    Stop the corruption and selling of a communication system that is more than just an off the cuff government entity. Should the US’s internet become disabled , the USPS would still provide as it has always provided … a way to sent a message (or parcel) to any where you please.

  2. Sirs, Bersnstock is was caught in criminal actions and yet he walks away free. Why is he not prosecuted by the Inspection Service ? Another example of how white collar criminals protect each other. Nobody is going to be prosecuted for all the stealing that Wall Street did, severely damaging the entire country by putting it into recession. Certainly nobody will be presecuted at Goldman Sachs. Nobody will be presecuted for the oil spill that will destroy the Gulf fishery.
    When will the government stop taking money from criminals and protect us all!!

  3. Wow what a suprise, a headliner CEO gone. Well was this another hire from our mgmt? The workers and the the customers again suffer get real! Our service (coming from a USAF veteran) should be again governed by the Feds with regulations (concrete) with service to the public. Hopefully at some point the customer comes into focus with that comes profit.

  4. $85,000 signing bonus , $200,000 plus a year and an $85,000 retention bonus! Potter is really going to miss him. He will just hire another Vice President. No wonder they don’t have money to run the business. All they do is cut service. Soon they will have to change the name to U.S.Postal and drop the service.

  5. Yet another example of praise to a Manager with no ethics. This manager illegaly directed contracts. (Yeh I know accused not convicted. But his resignation is a good enough indictment for me.) How much did he get from them? How much did it cost the PO? Potter should have refused the resignation pending the results of the investigation. Then if found guilty fire and prosecute.It’s more likely it’ll snow here in Vegas in July before Potter prosecutes one of his prized managers.

  6. wow..what a surprise…less than a 2 years….executive level..and have to resign?? he learned the postal way fast…lol..and you wonder why he praise this guy!

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