EPA Files Complaint Against USPS Seeking $350,000 in Fines

The Environmental Protection Agency filed in April 2010 an administrative complaint against five New York area postal facilities seeking $350,000 in fines for alleged violations of federal laws concerning underground storage tanks. The complaint alleges deficiencies in record keeping, corrosion protection and testing. No releases to the environment from the tanks are alleged. The five facilities are Brooklyn P & DC, Queens GMF in Flushing, USPS Vehicle Maint. -FDR Station and VMF in NY, Western Nassau P & DC VMF in Garden City and International Service -JFK Cargo Building in Jamaica.

One thought on “EPA Files Complaint Against USPS Seeking $350,000 in Fines

  1. The USPS Western Nassau P & DC VMF is hiding MUCH more than that. I was Employeed in the stockroom from 1/2001 until 1/18/2007. During that time I was exposed to many chemicals and not realizing that the build up of bad gases in my own system was if fact killing me slowly. I contacted the Union, The EPA, The County of Nassau, The State of NY, The Federal Government and any sub-agency I could possibly come up with and in the end all I got was lip-service and flat out lies, until the 3 year statute of limitations ran out on my claim. Try and get something like this reopened and you begin to learn that the various governmental agencies that are put in place to help injured workers in fact are in place to see how they USPS can avoid paying sums of money and benefits to workers they have injured and will in fact kill over time so USPS managements #’s look good on their next performance review.

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