Update: USPS To Offer Early Out Retirement To Employees In San Francisco and Bay-Valley Districts

Clerks, Mail Handlers, Custodians, Maintenance Operations Support Clerks and EAS in Select Offices to Receive Early Out Notices

Bay-Valley District -OaklandFor the following offices only: Oakland P & DC, SF NDC, District Cusotmer Service, Antioch, Berkeley, Brentwood, Carmel, Concord, Cupertino, Danville, El Cerrito, Fairfield, Hayward, Hollister, Lafayette, NAPA, Newark, Oakland PO , Pittsburg, PLeasanton, Richmond, Salinas PO, San Leandro, Santa Clara, Saratoga, Union City, Vallejo, Walnut Creek and Watsonville.

San Francisco District: This week, April 5 – 9, annuity estimates and Voluntary Early Retirement (VERA) offers are being mailed to approximately 1,000 VERA eligible employees in the San Francisco District. The notices are being sent ONLY to Clerks, Mail Handlers, Custodians, Maintenance Operations Support Clerks and EAS employees who are domiciled south of the Golden Gate Bridge. North Bay and Northern California employees WILL NOT receive a VERA offer in the mail.

USPS has announced that it is offering early out retirement  only to employees in selected offices. Postal facilities on the list have been notified and will schedule a stand-up very soon with employees.

VER is being offered to Clerks, Mail Handlers, Custodians and EAS employees.

You may retire if you meet the age and service requirement shown below:

  • Age 50 with 20 years of Service
  • Any age with 25 years of Service

Shared Services will be mailing out letters and annuity estimates from April 5-13 to VER-eligible employees. VER retirement application deadline and irrevocable date will be May 21, 2010. The effective date is June 2010. There is no incentive with this early out retirement offer.

Civil Service Retirement system (CSRS): Your annuity benefit will be reduced by 2% for each year (1/6% per month) that you are under age 55 on date of retirement and the reduction is permanent.

Federal Employees Retirement System: If you meet the above requirements, your annuity benefit will not be reduced with age. Special Retirement Supplements are payable until age 62 when you reach the minimum retirement age (55-57). Social Security benefits begin when you reach age 62.

Copy oif Notice from San Francisco District

40 thoughts on “Update: USPS To Offer Early Out Retirement To Employees In San Francisco and Bay-Valley Districts

  1. Didnt take the last VERA, and kicking myself every day. I would go today, no incentives needed. They are so overfunded why on earth wont they offer another go round for anybody, any craft?


  3. RE: annuity supplement

    The supplement can be really significant. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to calculate. The good news is you can go to fedbens.us and click on #9. The software will compute your exact supplement, quickly and easily. Check it out!

  4. why don’t they offer early outs to all the upper management which make big bucks for sitting and talking on telephones for 80,000.00 a yr.

  5. Small problem about all this talk about wage reductions. There are a lot of Veterans Preference Employees working for USPS. Reducing their wages would be consider a RIF action.

  6. Cna you say contract time???? Postal Service going for the removal of the no Lay-off clause….. YOU BETCHA

  7. Why do people keep making the “there is no money” for an incentive comments?There was “no money” last time either,and look what happened. “There is no money” for an incentive,so instead of giving you 25000. to leave we will continue to spend the 75000. or so to keep you on the payroll,year after year.If they don’t have the 25000.,where will they get the 75000. per year for you if you don’t leave?This concept doesn’t even make sense.They are still just trying to dump employees on the cheap.If they wanted the money to be there,it would be there.As we have seen,they don’t act with honor towards their employees.A prime example is how they offered an incentive only weeks after people retired after being told there would not be one.Stay or go as you please,but do so with your eyes open.

  8. Don’t take it. I am not sorry I left. But some people will be. I left with the October 31,2009 early out. I have yet to receive a full retirement check or the supplemental early retirement. I was a FERS Retiree. FERS annunities are already extremely low. You had better have lots of money in your Thrift Savings Plan to stem the tide while waiting for OPM to change you over from INTERIM RETIREE TO FULL RETIREE. OH, By the way the incentive out of the $10,000 I brought home $6,000.00. When I call OPM (Office of Personnel Management), (not that silly number they give you, I got a telephone number from the A&T Operator and reached them in a round-about manner) the individual I spoke with said that they did know when my file would be finalized. She said normally there are 3,000 request for retirement per month and that they were hit with 26,000 at one time and no additional help. So there you are. You’re screwed your whole work career and the screwing does’t stop just because you retire. When will Uncle Sam ever be prepared?

  9. May be they could sell the PO on ebay?
    The PO will go the way of Blockbuster it’s only a matter of time.

  10. As facilities are consolidated they are finding out that they can’t handle the mail volume at the gaining facilities thus a huge amount of overtime is being given out. With a bad economy and all of the numbers on their side they are licking their chops at taking on the weak and corrupt postal unions.

  11. How absolutely sad. Very Very Sad. Lets offer PMG an early retirement with a 6% deduction for every year he has been in service, no incentives, and he return the bonuses he received while he ran the Postal Service into the ground. If he doesn’t take that early retirement offer he should be FIRED along with his executive staff.

  12. The Post Office is not losing money they never did,
    it was so convenient for the post office to hide money, then when it was discovered they claimed they where overcharged, 3 times in 8 years (come on are you kidding me) the po had money they didn’t know they had $78 billion in 2002, $27 billion in 2006 and $75 billion in 2010. does the post office really believe that the people are buying this BS, they have $180 billion dollars where is it?
    not only are they lying to the workers there also lying to the american people, and lying to congress. why don’t you make a fair offer to the workers like $25,000. and 5 years service time, probably you will get 60,000 workers or more retirering.
    you have the money to make this offer, and in return the PO will save billions from the people retirering.

  13. The majority of C.S.R.S. employees would retire if O.P.M. would wave the 55yr. age restriction and 2% penalty denying full benefits for those who have 30+ yrs of seniority. This translates to over 15,000+ people, saving the U.S.P.S. big bucks. No cash incentive would be needed. However, the rules probably will not be altered/amended so do not hold your breath.

  14. First let’s deal with OPM which states that any employee who takes a penalty to leave early “should” be offered a “minimum” of 6 months base pay. So that being said why should I take penalty to help out an employer who has shown no loyalty to me, and who constantly break the rules while threatening me with discipline for any error.
    Next let’s deal with the penalty issue again. OPM regulations require a penalty and USPS has no say in the issue. If you don’t believe me check out the website that handles Federal retirement. Address is http://www.opm.gov/retire. These are the people who tell USPS what they will pay when you retire.
    Lastly don’t trust USPS. They deleted my casual service.(via form 50) If I hadn’t caught it I would have lost 6 month credit towards CSRS retirement. Please verify all info in your OPF. Even if you don’t buy back time you get credit for time,(with penalty.) And remember anything in your OPF when you retire is there forever.

  15. Sandy

    When were you a sub? You should check with greensboro to see if your time counts. If you were a TE forget about it>

  16. The PO still owes those that took the incentice, $5,000 in Oct. 2010. If you’re all waiting for another incentive, it won’t happen this year. Matter of fact, the way the PO is losing money, it might not happen any other year. You might as well take your chances and hopefully not get laid off with the new contract coming up soon. There’s going to be alot of changes and non for the better.

  17. Show me the money! 25.000 big ones would do the trick for most carriers that are eligible. most will stay till 2011 at contract time.the youll see a deluge of carriers in civil service jump ship.the P.O would save a billion with a early out with a incentive for the carriers.with lower wages paid to the replacement carrieers with a long time negotiated to reach top pay.38 years and ready to go but Ill hold out to the ship starts to sink.

  18. csrs or fers,if u think they’ll make a cash offer i think the best you can hope for is a no penalty clauget while u can, ileft 2 years early and don’t regret it at all.i gave them 4 lousy percent but i’m loving it

    don’t hold your hand u know where waiting

  19. Gary, I have no recollection of a Letter Carrier VERA in 2009. Was it a local/regional one?

    This really is odd,. First they try this offer twice (no incentives however) with almost no one taking it, then give a $15,000 incentive and get over 20,000 acceptances. Now they’re offering it again almost on the heels of the last one with no incentive.

  20. csrs carriers might have some hope as at some point opm would like to close out on the csrs

  21. To “Automation Clerk”. If you think there is going to be an incentive down the line so you`re going to hold out, you have lost your mind. An agency that is projected to lose about 8 billion dollars this year is never going to offer you a penny. In fact when the new contract negotiations begin down the line expect to take a pay cut as well as paying a larger percentage for your health care. I took a Letter Carrier VERA in January of 2009 and its the best move I ever made. Have fun in the future until your job ultimately is eliminated.

  22. In response to Bal0ney!, the story is real. It was posted on our bulletin boards this afternoon. No one is going to take it but it is true.

  23. i was a sub for 8 years……….why don’t that time count toward my years as a regular also………they want us out……then give us our years back….and we will get out

  24. Just something to think about……..

    Why has this information not shown up at any of the regular websites which report government news?

    government executive
    federal times
    federal daily
    federal news radio
    Washington Post

    the list could go on and on………….?

  25. I am a PTF carrier. When is the early out for Carriers. If we go to 5 day delivery the craft will lose 40,000 jobs. Then what? Hire more TE’s in offices that need them while PTF’s in select offices get no hours!

  26. It will probably be: Either take the incentive to retire or relocate 500 miles due to excessing. That’s the incentive.


  28. The Agency is insane. There is no way people can afford to take early out WITH penalties and NO incentive. My instincts say they are looking for the dummies to go, then they will turn around and offer an incentive the end of summer like last year. Fool us once, shame on the USPS. Fool us twice? No way!

  29. Did anyone read the article a week or so ago about the APWU out in Oakland along with management about a possible $25,000 incentive???? Might be some cash coming later, just hold out for it.

    I still think they need to cut management before craft, since we are the ones who do the work, they sure don’t.

  30. When are the Letter Carriers going to get an offer? You guys are lucky, vacating this ship before it sinks. Or maybe they are just waiting for the 5 Day Delivery Approval before they give us the Boot!!!!!!!

  31. Why would anybody take this? The post office wants to get rid of people but penalize them for doing it… Seems like a typical government plan. How about trying no penalties….hmmmm that might work!!

  32. Waste of Money and time for the Postal Service to offer something like this….don’t see very many accepting this one

  33. Something BAD is coming down. Why else no monetary incentive? There has to be an incentive of some kind. Will be interesting to see.

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