House Republican Conference attacks USPS/H.R.22

On September 11, 2009, in anticipation of floor action on H.R. 22, leaders of the House Republican Conference (HRC) issued a one page brief entitled “What Every Member Needs to Know About the Postal Service Relief Act (H.R. 22)” that is filled with the same kind of inaccurate and misleading information about the Postal Service featured in a similar ‘One Page’ brief issued in August.  The GOP organization that claims to speak for the GOP caucus in the House falsely characterized H.R. 22, a bill that a majority of Republicans (103) have co-sponsored, as a “taxpayer bailout” of the Postal Service. “HRC Chairman Mike Pence should correct the misinformation issued in his name,” President Rolando said.  “Letter carriers across the country appreciate the support the GOP has given to H.R. 22,” he added.  “The tens of thousands of letter carriers who are Republicans and the GOP’s caucus in the Congress deserve better from their party than the misleading and distorted issue briefs being churned out by House Republican Conference.


2 thoughts on “House Republican Conference attacks USPS/H.R.22

  1. As long as there is postal management that acts like they have for past 25 years the HRC is probably correct. There cannot be continuous harassment and intimidation and expect the unit to properly function.

  2. What else does the NALC expect from the Republican

    One of the central tenets of the GOP is to minimize
    the level of government intervention and supervision
    of the private sector…this includes ANY government
    function or service that THEY consider more aptly

    For years, the GOP has marched to the DRUMBEAT OF
    PRIVATIZATION. They believe that only the PRIVATE
    SECTOR can deliver goods or services in the MOST

    The Postal Service, being the UNIQUE and historic
    organization that it is, has the singular task of
    delivering a service to EVERY AMERICAN, every day.
    The utilization of PRIVATE SECTOR LIKE efficiencies
    can and should be done…but to transform the USPS
    into a totally different creature, utilizing the
    PROFIT MOTIVE from classic economics as a MODEL is
    not what “our founders” had in mind when the post
    office was formed.

    A word to the NALC…beware the motives of your “companions”.

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