NALC Unrelenting on Six-Day Delivery

Message from NALC President William Young
At a time of national economic crisis, rumors and misinformation can often take on lives of their own.

NALC has received reports from North Carolina, New Jersey and other states that postal managers have been telling letter carriers and other postal employees that the PostalService has decided to drop one day of delivery each week to cut costs. Worse, some have suggested NALC has agreed to this change. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Postal Service has proposed a shift to five-day delivery, but Congress absolutely has not agreed to this change — and the NALC absolutely has not agreed to it.

The National Association of Letter Carriers strongly opposes the end of six-day delivery. Indeed, I recently testified before Congress on the financial crisis facing the USPS and urged the Congress to reject the Postmaster General’s proposal to repeal the law that mandates universal six-day delivery. I said at the time, “Business is conducted six days a week in America and America wants and needs six-day delivery — cutting service is the worst thing we could do at this time.”

There is no doubt that the Postal Service faces the most difficult economic environment since the Great Depression.

NALC is working around the clock to win significant financial relief for the Postal Service in Washington though its campaign for H.R. 22, legislation that will save the Postal Service an average of $3.5 billion per year over the next several years. We are working with leaders in Congress and with the Obama administration to overcome budget rules to pass this legislation. Thanks to the activism of countless thousands of e-Activists and grassroots lobbyists, we have more than 315 co-sponsors of H.R. 22 in the House of Representatives.

Carriers should consult with the NALC’s website ( and its official publications for information on the union’s positions on important legislative and collective bargaining matters. NALC is doing all it can to protect city carrier jobs and the long-term viability of the Postal Service.

source: NALC Bulletin (PDF)