USPS: Organizational Changes And VERA Timelines Updated


USPS has released an updated timetable for employees affected by the recently announced staffing reductions and district closings and for those who are considering the Postal Service’s voluntary early retirement (VER) offer.

The Postal Service has begun mailing notification to all VER-eligible employees. You should note that the VER application deadline and irrevocability date stated in the VER Offer packets have been changed. The new date is June 19. Correction letters will be mailed this week to all VER-eligible employees who received an annuity estimate and VER Offer packet.

The next key date on the RIF-avoidance front is April 28, when Phase 1 of the job posting process begins. On that date, eligible employees can begin applying for job vacancies within affected limited areas of competition.

Click here to review all key dates in the RIF organizational changes. Click here for the VER timeline on Blue. The VER timeline is also available on LiteBlue. Affected employees can use this information to help them through the process.

Meanwhile, USPS is urging employees interested in competing for upcoming district-wide vacancies, whether or not they’re impacted, to create or update a profile in the eCareer system as soon as possible.

Eligible employees can apply for vacancies online at from any postal and non-postal computer. You’ll need your 8-digit Employee Identification Number and Personal Identification Number (PIN) if you log on from a non-postal computer. If you’ve forgotten your PIN, follow the prompts on LiteBlue to reset

source: USPS News Link Extra