Music Video: Here Comes The Mailman Bringing A Letter Full of Tears

Over the years numerous songs have been recorded featuring letter carriers and how mail affects people lives in some way. Here is a song circa 1962 called “A Letter Full Of Tears” by Gladys Knight and the Pips (I have never heard of the song ). Ahem, just call me DJ Lu




Here comes the mailman walking up the street
And it looks like he has a letter today for me
Wait a minute let me look inside
No, it couldn’t be from my guy

Because he, he brought me
I said, he, he brought me
A letter full of tears

I thought we had a love so strong
It would take a lifetime to break us apart
Oh yeah, but I found out today I was wrong
And my reward was a broken heart my my heart

Oh, here comes the teardrops
Welcome a welcome to my eyes
And I couldn’t hold ’em back
No matter if I tried

You know it hurt me so inside
Won’t you pardon me while I cry?

because he brought me (yes he did)
I said he brought me (yes he did) a letter full of tears

here comes the mailman) Those aren’t drip drop tears (bringing me tears)
Can’t you see them falling (here comes the mailman bringing me tears) wo
wo oh wo wo oh wo wo oh oh oh (hey, yes he did, hey hey , yes he did, hey
hey hey woo yes he did)I thought we had a love so strong
But I found, I was wrong..