Users Paid to Receive Direct Mail Through Incentive-Based Social Network

(March 17, 2009) An incentive-based social network that pays users to receive regular direct mail as well as for performing a host of internet activities has been launched by BigString Corporation (OTCBB:BSGC). Called PeopleString (, it generates revenue for users through an opt-in direct mail program and their use of email, instant messaging, video email, file storage and shopping. In addition, PeopleString’s technology allows users to generate additional revenue by creating a personal affiliate network through signing up friends and businesses through multiple digital bonds. The user who creates his or her own affiliate network will generate income each time any other user in the affiliate network earns money as well.

Here’s how the opt-in direct mail segment of the social network works: Users take a short 30-question survey that helps PeopleString build a target demographic profile of him or her. The users indicates the maximum number of offers they would like to receive daily through regular mail or email. PeopleString markets this information to direct marketers and shares up to 70% of revenue generated with the user and the affiliate network. Users can view a report on PeopleString with the offers and fees they are receiving. Finally, users receive the offer in their mailboxes with a PeopleString logo on the envelope. Some marketers provide extra incentives to read the offer and enter a unique code on PeopleString.

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