The Two Tour Initiative At Trenton Postal Processing Center

On October 24, 2008, the Trenton Local met with management about two-tour consolidation. Management presented to the union their plan to become a two tour-processing center.  The first round will be to eliminate all Tour 2 automation.  This move will cause us to lose 24 mail processing clerk positions on Tour 2 automation. At the present time there is no plan, or were any plans discussed with the union, regarding the AFSM 100 or the SPBS.  Tour 3 automation hours will be moved to 14:50 or 15:50, which will cause some positions to be abolished.  Management intends on posting 11 (eleven) new positions in the Tour 3 automation section.  There will be no change to Tour 1 automation.  

Management plans on creating one manual section by moving tour 1 manual sections 044/150 to two start times of 20:00 and 22:50, and eliminating all Tour 3 manual 030.  Management intends on eliminating 7 (seven) Tour 1 jobs in 044/150. 

Management intends to implement these changes in January 2009.  There is no doubt in my mind with the consolidation of tours that there will be excessing to the needs of the installation and there will clearly be excessing to the needs of the section.  It seems to me that management has no intentions on honoring the CBA, which requires a 6 (six) month notification to the Union on excessing to the needs of the section.  In total, management’s plans will result in 52 clerks not having a duty assignment. 

I will take whatever appropriate action deemed necessary to enforce our Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Another meeting has been scheduled for October 29, 2008 to discuss managements plan further.  This plan, by management, is a clear attack on the senior employees of the Trenton installation.  Due to the large number of employees being displaced from sections, many jobs will be reposted.  No employee is safe from having their job ripped out from underneath them.

Thank you,

Bill Lewis
President, TMAL #1020