USPS Headquarters To Reduce Complement

USPS is facing one of the most difficult challenges in its history. There has been a continual decline in First-Class Mail volumes over the past decade. The current economic downturn has led to an even greater decline in volume with the loss of more than 9 billion pieces this past year alone. All Headquarters Officers have identified opportunities to streamline staffing by matching current workforce with the workload.

As a result, complement in all Headquarters and Headquarters-related units has been reduced — some vacant positions have been eliminated, while other occupied positions are impacted. Starting this week, employees occupying impacted positions will be notified and given information and guidance.

In a letter to Officers this week, Anthony Vegliante, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, stated, “We are moving forward with a focused approach to organizational change within all Headquarters and Headquarters-related functions.”

On previous occasions, USPS has successfully managed complement with minimal impact to employees and we expect that record of success to continue. A successive series of job postings will be opened to place qualified employees in vacant positions starting Oct. 27.

All Headquarters and Headquarters-related employees interested in competing for these vacancies, impacted or not, are urged to create a profile now within the eCareer system on LiteBlue. Some additional positions will become vacant as a result of regular and voluntary retirements.

What’s next?

Week of 10/20:  General information session for potentially impacted employees only, eCareer tutorials for all Headquarters and Headquarters-related employees begin.

Week of 10/27:  First phase of vacancies is posted for five business days within limited area of consideration (LAC) under each vice president.

Starting 11/5:  Review and selection of first phase vacancies.

Starting 11/19:  Second phase of all Headquarters and Headquarters-related vacancies is posted for five business days.

Week of 12/1:  Review and selection of second phase vacancies.

Additional information will be communicated as it becomes available. Details also will be posted on Blue starting the week of Oct. 27 and updated on an ongoing basis.

source: USPS News LInk