Postal Service’s Oldest Employee Still Going Strong

Mail handler Chester Reed is an inspiration in many ways.

He began working at the San Bernardino, CA, P&DC in 1973, after retiring from the Air Force — and has never missed a day of work during 60 years of combined federal service. At 93, Reed is the oldest postal employee still working in the nation.

“Chester is a good role model,” Plant Manager Ken Lucas said. “He’s helpful, keeps busy, and you can count on him to do anything you ask.”

“I started as a mail handler and I’m a mail handler today,” Reed said. “I used to cancel letters but now I’m an equipment operator. I’m not ready to retire. I like the work I do.”

Reed is often questioned about his secret to longevity and his answer is always the same: “Onion sandwiches. I eat one every day.”

source: USPS News Link