Former NALC Steward Pleads Guilty To Representing Postal Employees in Legal Cases

According to district court records former letter carrier and union steward Stephen Millard was arrested May 2, 2006. A few months ago Millard pleaded guilty to:

willfully receiving a gratuity in consideration of defendant’s assistance in prosecution of a claim against the United States, or with receiving a share or interest in such a claim and mailing a [backpay] form which claimed that that he did not work and had no earnings from on or about September 2, 1995, through in or about August 13, 2001.

Background from court records:

Also, several years ago Millard was awarded over $366,325.98 (back pay and benefits plus interest) in an EEO case against USPS. Stephen Millard v. United States Postal Service

In or about September 1995, the USPS removed Millard on a charge that he had an altercation with another USPS employee. In response to this removal Millard filed an EEO complaint against USPS.

 The EEOC ruled in favor of Millard in 2001 and order USPS to pay him back pay plus benefits for the time period covering September 2, 1995 through August 13, 2001. The USPS Employee Labor Manual (“ELM”) provided that income that defendant earned during this period was to be offset from his back pay award.

“Beginning on a date unknown, but at least from in or about 1998, Millard represented Postal and other Federal employees in EEO, MSPB and OWCP claims and hearings against USPS. For his work, Millard received payment from the federal employees he represented.”

Millard was charged with failing to disclose to either the USPS or U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) the payments that he received for representing postal  and other federal employees in EEO , MSPB and OWCP claims against the government on his backpay form. 

Millard was also charged with representing USPS employees in claims against the United States after his reinstatement in August 2001.

Millard’s sentencing is scheduled for December 10, 2007

7 thoughts on “Former NALC Steward Pleads Guilty To Representing Postal Employees in Legal Cases

  1. It is refreshing to see that the Post Office will do everything it can to put a craft employee in jail for failing to report income on a back pay form and representing fellow victims of discrimination while it previously condoned the raping of a craft employee by her immediate supervisor in the workplace (Stoll v. Runyon). Hey DA, is rape a violent crime? Please let me know as you are apparently an experienced expert in the area of ignorance.

  2. Looks like the PO went AFTER him because he beat the hell outa them….he should have reported the income I agree, but anyone who has ever worked for the PO knows what realy has taken place here.

    Slap him on the wrist and let him pay the taxes and let it go…….ooops he’s not management…..lock him up and throw away the keyes, how dare he help another who has been wronged, the gaul of some people.

  3. Gotta watch those letter carriers. We got one (former) running my APWU local into the ground right now. Our letter carrier in clerk’s clothing is a charletan and it sounds like that guy also thinks he’s above the rules.

  4. This is a joke. Real criminals must be tickled pink that the government has the time and resources to prosecute this while they ply their violent trade.

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