Bogus USPS Early Out Retirement Letter Making The Rounds

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A letter purporting to offer USPS employees in the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) an early out or a buyout by December 2008 is bogus.

Someone cleverly copied sections from a legitimate offer by another government agency to its CSRS employees, substituted “USPS” at key points, and sent it to USPS employees. The letter has been photocopied and is surfacing in different sections of the country as an official USPS letter, prompting numerous inquiries into its legitimacy.

“The Postal Service has no plans to offer mass early outs or buyouts to any employees — CSRS or otherwise,” said Chief Human Resources Officer Anthony Vegliante.

And that’s no rumor — that’s the truth.

Update: USPS is offering an early out in 2008 afterall. See