Postal Mail Handlers Awarded $13.8 Million for Casuals Violation

Note: Some readers (in commenting on the ‘Kelly Girl Award’ article) said USPS would not pay Clerks nearly $20 million. Well, read on about the recent payments to Mail Handlers in Phoenix, AZ. Mail Handlers received payment from the ‘casual in lieu of’ settlement agreement on August 10, 2007 (Pay Period 16) . 


On  October 23, 2006 Arbitrator Philip Tamoush awarded $12,799,200.00 to Mail Handlers in Phoenix, AZ and $100, 800.00 to NPMHU Local #320 for lost union dues.

The arbitrator found that USPS utilized the supplemental workforce (casual-category employees ) on “a year-round basis in lieu of , instead of, in place of , full or part-time employees, in violation of Article 7.1 B of the National Agreement.”

See settlement agreement below: