Company Tests Popcorn Vending Machine at NJ Postal Facility

August 21, 2007 by
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Press Release 

Pop N Go, Inc. is pleased to announce the test of our popcorn vending machine program with the U.S Postal Service at their South New Jersey Processing and Distribution Center. Frank Collepardi, President of Franco’s Snacks, stated, “We service over 1,000 employees in this center and based on the response to Pop N Go’s popcorn machine we are looking forward to expanding into many other facilities.”

Franco’s Snacks vending company has been instrumental in locating Pop N Go’s machine in this huge facility. Personnel from other postal centers are planning to visit this South Jersey location so they can witness the popularity of the Pop N Go machine.

Mel Wyman, CEO of Pop N Go, stated, “There are hundreds of these facilities nationwide and we are on site on a constant basis with Frank to monitor the program with a target of rolling out throughout New Jersey and the entire U.S.”

see Pop N Go in action


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  1. Charlie W. on Tue, 21st Aug 2007 11:17 am
  2. very interesting!

  3. Scratch on Tue, 21st Aug 2007 1:38 pm
  4. I agree, Charlie, Intersting.
    The video does not say how long it takes to pop one batch. We only have 15 minutes for a break, and most offices don’t allow food on the floor, so you can’t take it with you.
    And how much will this cost the employee?
    (The video say 85% profit margin for the company.)
    Questions, Questions.

  5. nc mail handler on Tue, 21st Aug 2007 4:01 pm
  6. in germany, they have beer machines on the work floor instead of pop corn

  7. IODButI'mOneThatWorks on Wed, 22nd Aug 2007 6:01 am
  8. hey here’s a GREAT idea!!! The PO buys these machines and puts them in all the vacant spaces of all the soon-to-be gone stamp machines!!! Voila!! Another source of revenus for the U.S. POPCORN Service…LOL. Well figure it…we already have the vending techs to take care of the popcorn machines…since we’re not going to make the buying of stamps easy, we might as well feed our customers…at a profit of course. Heck the popcorn cups could even have pics of missing people on milk cartons..hehe

  9. MIKE on Wed, 22nd Aug 2007 8:24 am

  11. mailman on Fri, 12th Oct 2007 5:36 am
  12. you all are great.But who is gonna clean it.
    we had water on the floor of the locker room and the postmaster told a Korean letter carrier to mop it up. You think she will let him clean the pop corn machine. It does get greasey