Postal Employees Rights During Surprise Investigations By USPS OIG

GREG BELL, APWU DIRECTOR, INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS Visits by Postal Inspectors Or OIG Agents- which are usually unannounced – often catch employees by surprise, and sometimes cause them to panic. Our stewards, officers and arbitration advocates are doing an excellent job of defending union members, but this article should remind employees of their rights. After all, […]

APWU, USPS At Odds Over Weingarten Rights

APWU Challenges Inadequate Response to Union Concerns re: Weingarten Wallet Card In a recent letter to the Postal Service, the APWU challenged management’s inadequate response to the union’s concerns over a wallet card for supervisors that attempts to explain employee rights under the Supreme Court’s Weingarten decision. The letter provides in detail the APWU position […]

APWU Raises Concerns Over USPS Instructions To Managers Regarding Weingarten Rights

 From APWU’s Industrial Relations: The APWU sent a letter to the Postal Service raising concerns about a draft notification to supervisors and managers instructing them how to apply employees’ rights under the Supreme Court’s Weingarten decision. The Postal Service’s instructions were finalized on a laminated, wallet-size card which was mailed to supervisors and managers, as […]