New Jersey Postal Clerk indicted For theft

MOUNT HOLLY, N.J. – Burlington County Prosecutor Robert D. Bernardi announced today that a former United States Postal Service employee was indicted by a Burlington County Grand Jury for stealing money from the sales counter cash register that she was responsible for operating.

Karen Y. Miller, age 57, of 275 Green Street in Beverly City, was indicted on one count of Theft By Deception (Third Degree) and one count of Elements of Computer Theft (Third Degree). The indictment was returned yesterday (6/14/12).

The investigation revealed that on numerous occasions between November 2007 and April 2010, Miller, whose title was Sales Service Distribution Associate, manipulated the computerized cash register system at the Willingboro Post Office in an attempt to nullify transactions. She would then pocket the money that had been paid by customers for stamps and other services.

The amount of the theft was between $3,000 and $4,500. An arraignment will be scheduled soon in Superior Court in Burlington County. Miller has since resigned from the Postal Service.

source: Office Of the Prosecutor, Burlington County, New Jersey

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  2. Really? She knew what she was doing was stealing. Was she so stupied to think that she would get away with it? Everyone needs money. Some of us earn it and some of us steal it. I am not going to risk my job for anything. She got what she deserved. Where are her morals?

  3. Our Sympathies to that women, she needed the money, she does not get bonuses, too bad for her, God Damn the Inspectors, the OIG and the whole God Damn Management!

  4. Yet management steals all the time, employee funds, NOV monies, and they get paid for working 40 or more , and show up for 25 hrs.
    Guffey is trying his best, to stop all of you from going, dumb bastard, yet the mail handlers union wanted to see their members have a soft landing, knowing that all hell will break loose , and downsizing will come, Obama and some Dems have screwed up, now we will see the GOP, and they will cut even more and not just the USPS, so down the line will not be better, but progressively worse, and Guffey, Bell and all their hordes see one thing, their lavish lifestyle, not your agony, email and call these morons every chance you get, the union is going down eventually, so these pig-heads with the support of Business agents and local presidents, will continue to dash any hopes of incentives and maybe the VER itself,sad day for us, but for the National APWU, in LA, in August, Party Time !

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