APWU,USPS Questions and Answers On The Contract

The APWU and the USPS have agreed to a set of Questions and Answers [PDF] regarding the 2010-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement, Director of Industrial Relations Mike Morris has announced. The Questions and Answers, dated Oct. 20, 2011, cover an array of topics, including Postal Support Employees (PSEs), supervisors performing bargaining unit work in small offices, Non-Traditional Full-Time (NTFT) assignments, excessing, lead clerks, acting supervisors, and the grievance procedure.

APWU/USPS Q & A On Contract

8 thoughts on “APWU,USPS Questions and Answers On The Contract

  1. Question:

    How much of the dues paying members money was donated to Issa for his 2009-10 campaign? Keep paying dem dues bruthas and sistas!

  2. The 2011/2015 GUFFYS SHIT APWU contract is just now starting to hit the fan, come this march, its really gonna be ripe.

  3. Why didn’t they ask the tough questions like: Why did you agree to the no layoff clause? What are we going to do when this happens? Ask for permission to strike? sorry I had a reality check…. As long as we can have a captive audience for the APWU insurance programs and new membership that by the time they become full time they will be all broke in for the screwing they will take in their lifetimes. Kudus to aflac for telling clerk (rhymes with Jerk) some postal language befitting his lowly position. Or should I say the position he will be assuming under this new contract. Moron probably voted for it too. Oh by the way Cliff Guffy what Aflac said for the sell out contract you put on us with your minions. I was curious how much you get from the Insurance aspect of this load of crap contract you sold us. I didn’t think it could get worse than the lies of last contract. but you surpised us again. I refer to the everyone gets a level increase. then after we sign you tell the et’s oh by the way you lose one level. Lies are what you are best at. So I hope it was a lot of money from the Insurance company you guys hired to take up the benefits for the new type of jobs you created. Shitty insurance, shitty contract, shitty union liars. nough said peace out…

  4. I met Cliff Guffy at the All-Craft Conference. He reminded me of Napoleon. He walks around like his shit don’t stink too.

  5. “This is another reason why the post office cant compete on a level playing field. Handcuffed by stifling work rules.”

    Who are they competing with these stifling rules? IMO management makes up their own set of rules if they dont like something btw. The PO is suppose to be a service/right to the American people which imo postal management/congress is failing us all.

    (clerk,) try taking a long walk on a short pier, and/or go fuck yourself, thats oldtimer talk, btw. Will even give you are bottles of viagra to make sure you get the job done right.

  6. QUESTION: Was this the biggest piece of crap of a contract EVER!!!

    ANSWER: Yes and alot of us oldtimers told them dumbass youngsters so!

    QUESTION: Why would are union even put out this crap?

    ANSWER: FUCKING SELLOUTS, already had the contract booklets made up
    ready to send out this crap.

    QUESTION: Do you feel there is a need in the furture for a union.

    ANSWER: If you like taking it up the ass.

    QUESTION: Thoughts about VERs

    ANSWER: 80% + $50K

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