Video: Issa-The Sanctity Of Unions Must Be Respected

Darrell Issa was very supportive of unions just a short time ago. Now Issa and Florida Freshman Congressman Dennis Ross have lodged an all-out “perceived” war against the Postal Service and postal workers. Both Issa and Ross are aided by the Tea Partyers, who have launched an online petition to support Postal Reform.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) runs an annual deficit of more than 8 billion dollars. Congressman Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, has introduced legislation titled “The Postal Reform Act” that would begin to address the fiscal solvency of the nation’s mail service. This piece of legislation begins the process of chipping away at insolvent federal programs and agencies and needs our support!

Burrus said of Issa: “Congressman Darrell Issa’s (R-CA) has added his negative voice to the debate about the future of the Postal Service and has introduced legislation that is typical of his success in leading the removal of the Governor of California, Gray Davis. The record shows that California state’s debt which was at issue in the recall effort has worsened, and he has surrendered the moral high ground with former Governor Schwarzenegger’s out of wedlock child. Issa now proposes to direct his talents by dismantling the Postal Service. I wonder how he would like it if postal employees were to picket every Post Office in his District to tell postal consumers that their Congressman wants to deny them mail service. These legislators who wish to dismantle equal access and good jobs to average citizens must be held accountable. It’s the Post Office today, Medicare tomorrow and Social Security next week.”

In 2009, Issa at a dinner hosted by NALC said: The sanctity of unions must be respected. Now in 2011 Issa is trying to invalidate union contracts. Issa also said : Non-postal employees cannot perform the work of postal workers with the same efficiency. I hope one day I will be as good as a Democrat to labor unions. Of course today Issa is singing a new anti-postal tune.

One reader implied that said Issa may not be able to pass a background check if he applied for employment with USPS. Of course Issa is not new to controversies or changing his stance when politically expedient to do so.

See videos of Issa addressing at NALC in 2009:

Issa addressing National Association of Postmasters in 2009:

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  2. This guy thinks his sh@@ dont stink. We need to expose the true amount he makes from tax dollars. Last time I checked we dont get any money from the federal government. These goons will spin everything and then try to force the week into submission. Now thats how it works, The USPS and all the unions need to expose this goon and the other crooks.

  3. Issa’s background became an issue when he ran in the primary for the Senate. against Matt Fong for Barbara Boxer’s seat.

    1998-05-26 04:00:00 PST Los Angeles — It’s been a rough weekend for Darrell Issa. On Saturday, a newspaper sto ry suggested that Issa, a Republican Senate candidate, had used threats and hardball business tactics to build up his multimillion- dollar car alarm company. Then on Sunday, a Los Angeles Times poll showed that the San Diego-area businessman’s lead over state Treasurer Matt Fong had almost disappeared with only about a week to go before next Tuesday’s primary.

    A story in the Los Angeles Times on Saturday quoted former business associates as saying that Issa had forced competitors out of business, called in loans to take over a company and threatened an employee with a gun in his successful attempt to build Directed Electronics Inc., his $70 million-a-year company, into the world’s top car alarm manufacturer.

  4. cut salaries of craft workers by 50%. Give them no sick leave. They will have to start coming to work

  5. You do not ever hear of any congressmen wanting to pass a bill to lower their own salaries to help the deficit do we? It’s always some tax payers citizens making minnimun wages or a fairly decent sdalary!! How is the salary union postal workers make around $50,000 a year, compare to hundreds of thousand dollars that most of senators and congressmen make on a yearly basis, plus expense account money!! Do the American public know that ISSA want to do away with everyday cheap mail delivery service!1 I can guarantee every citizen whether you are rich or poor, mail service will not remain as low as it is delivered by the U S Postal Service. What ever happened to the obligation and universal commitment the United States have to deliver the mail to every household in the United States?

    Last by not least, why are half of these people in office? It’s definitely not for the good of the American people!! Issa and other congressmen like him will not be happy until all us is in the Poor house, not the White house!!! Wake up America!! Get people like him out of office!!

  6. The right-wing which aligns its power with “Christian” conservatives, always have such a problem with the Biblical commandment “Thou shall not bear false witness”.
    There are only ten of those commandments, prominently figured in Christian theology and education for centuries. Either they have low IQ’s or they are playing the ‘false prophet’ part to gain political power. The second option another perversion of Christianity. So, either they’re too dumb to lead, or propagating evil for money and power.

  7. Typical politics. Say one thing today and something totally opposite tomorrow. They are so two faced, can’t believe anything they say. Good thing they have to be voted into office, we can always vote them back out. At least there is a way to get rid of them. Too bad they don’t have a “probationary period”. You can find out plenty in 90 days.

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