USPS: When customers can’t find the stamps they want Post Offices get unfavorable rating

This is a problem in some Post Offices that should be corrected ASAP:

Stamp Availability Critical To Customer Satisfaction

The USPS stamp program is a unique opportunity to honor the nation’s accomplished citizens, achievements, history and natural wonders.

Customers enjoy the rich variety of the stamp program’s subjects — and stamps are a key reason they visit Post Offices, call the USPS customer service phone number or go to

When customers can’t find the stamps they want, they tend to rate their Post Offices unfavorably, according to Customer Experience Measurement (CEM) data. In fact, overall satisfaction ratings for some Post Offices have dropped by 50 percentage points when only a limited variety or quantity of stamps is available.

Postmasters and station managers can help customers fully participate in the stamp program by stocking enough stamps to meet customers’ mailing and collecting needs. Preordering additional stamps helps keep CEM ratings strong. Postal Bulletin announces all automatic stamp distribution dates.

Postmasters may order stamps through their Stamp Distribution Office or Stamp Services Center 30 days prior to a stamp’s first day of issue. As policy, all Post Offices must acquire and maintain a supply of each new commemorative stamp for a minimum of 90 days from the first day of issue, and beyond that in accordance with customer demand until inventory is depleted or the stamp is officially withdrawn from sale.

If stamp supplies run low, Post Offices must request additional quantities using normal ordering procedures. For help with stamp stock management, check out the Accounting website on Blue for information on a training course and other resources.

source: USPS News Link

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  1. Hi Joe T………………………………………………………..

    I agree 100% our stamp accountability is too low. We are always having to tell customers that we are out of one stamp or another. We have to wait til a supervisor can issue more stamps to us..only one has the ability to issue stamps? when supervisor is not in we dont get stamps. Did I mention that we dont have a supervisor in our office for more than two hours a week sometimes? Too bad for that customer that had to wait in line for 5-20 minutes just to hear NOPE sorry dont have those stamps.

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