Obama and Letter Carriers President Rolando Meet At White House

President Barack Obama,  NALC President Fredric V. Rolando meet:

NALC President Fredric V. Rolando, along with AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and about a dozen labor leaders in all, met with President Barack Obama Friday in the Roosevelt Room at the White House. They had a productive discussion about jobs and how to address the difficult times facing American workers. President Rolando had the opportunity to raise the issue of U.S. Postal Service finances and how to address the challenges facing the Postal Service and letter carriers.

7 thoughts on “Obama and Letter Carriers President Rolando Meet At White House

  1. Craft workers overpaid, you’ve been smoking something strange. If management is underpaid it’s only because they’re overstaffed. I personally feel they are not underpaid. We should work as a team not adversaries. In the Army many wise officers have learned that you take care of the men and they will take care of you. Get back to the USPS mission, SERVICE. Man the windows, equip the employees and give the public what they deserve. Reduction in staff is reduction of service provided.

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    I think this guy might be right.

  3. I have had a long talk with President Obama and I have told him that the problem with the Postal Service is that the craft workers are overpaid and that management people are underpaid

  4. I admire NALC President Rolando addressing President Obama about the economic issues the Postal Service is experiencing. I also am a Postal worker and a member of the APWU Union. The Unions must join together for the same common good for both workers and Postal Management. Postal management must make a bigger and vetter effort in managing Postal revenue. The Postal service giving outgoing Postmaster General Potter 5.5million dollars payout was outrageous and a slap in the face to all Postal workers who are facing hard economic times and uncertainly in our jobs security. Is this another Enron??

    I hope President Rolando brought up the subject to the President concerning the over payment to the Retiree prefund to the amount of $60 to $75 billion. If the Postal service would get this money back, this would greatly help the Postal Service survive.

    Thumbs up for NALC President Rolando!!

  5. I hope he doesn’t fix the Post Office like he fixed healthcare. Pay more get less stand in longer lines and stamps will be rationed.

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