Postmaster General Announces Executive Leadership Team

Members Reflect Goals for a Viable U.S. Postal Service

WASHINGTON – Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe today announced the top executives who will work directly with him in creating a more profitable, nimble U.S. Postal Service, able to compete aggressively in the marketplace and provide exemplary customer service.

“The challenges we face as an organization require that we do many things differently in the coming years and that we drive change at a faster pace than we ever have,” Donahoe said. “We must break down structural challenges to change and empower our executives, managers and employees to achieve at a higher level.”

Donahoe has identified four, core business strategies: strengthening the business to customer channel; improving the customer experience; growing the package business; and becoming a leaner, faster, smarter organization.

Helping the Postmaster General lead the organization’s effort in achieving these goals are the Executive Leadership Team:

* Paul Vogel, President and Chief Marketing/Sales Officer: Vogel is responsible for all product management and development, retail and commercial products and services, commercial sales and will build a strong platform of offerings to meet the demands of an increasingly digital world.

* Megan Brennan, Chief Operating Officer: Brennan has served as Vice President for the Eastern Area for the past four years and will lead all network and process improvements and the allocation of people and resources.

* Joseph R. Corbett, Chief Financial Officer: Corbett continues in his role as CFO, applying financial rigor to Postal strategy development and management decision-making.

* Tony Vegliante, Chief Human Resources Officer: Vegliante continues in his role as CHRO and will drive major efforts relating to the development of the workforce to enable the Postal Service to operate with greater speed and flexibility.

* Ellis Burgoyne, Chief Information Officer:  Burgoyne will oversee all systems and data management to help develop new products quickly and fully leverage the network to meet changing customer needs. He leaves a position as Vice President, Southwest Area.

* Mary Anne Gibbons, General Counsel: Gibbons will continue to provide expert legal advice and counsel to decision making and help navigate the many regulations and laws that govern the Postal Service business.

The position of Deputy Postmaster General remains vacant at this time.

“This team is uniquely qualified and capable of leading the Postal Service through a time of great challenges and opportunities,” Donahoe said. “I have great confidence in their ability to work together to drive beneficial change to improve our competitive posture.”

9 thoughts on “Postmaster General Announces Executive Leadership Team

  1. Megan got her ER VP job as an EEO award when she filed a complaint against Gary Fahey while in Boston. She hates the SEPA plant Manager, Donahoe hates the Philly District manager and PO’s in that area are under AMP… She’s as worthless as the rest of them, did nothing while a craft employee….so, nothing will change.

  2. Wow nothing has changed just a bunch of odd names with new titles. Here some new things to work on.
    1. Service, Service, Service without this customer go somewhere else to mail their products
    2. Get leaner…Cut people who don’t touch mail Staff, Supervisor, NDO’s , SDO about 30% would be a step in right direction.
    3. Get rid of all casual you are paying these people to do work that your workforce can alreday do. you can save a billion dollars on that.
    4. Stop giving mail away to other business..example discounts on mail. Charge everybody the same price. If they have large acoounts with PO then give discounts. You can make Billions just on that
    5. NO NO NO more bonus for Management.. How can you give bonus to a company that is losing money wake up.

    Just follow these steps and the PO will be in BLACK.. Oh thats right you don’t want to make money

  3. The USPS needs to go back under the executive branch with strict Congressional oversight. ALl of these people are part of the current management problem and drawing silly salaries compared to their private business counter parts. The post office is a government service not a private for profit corporation that rewards family and friends with overpaid cushy jobs.

  4. This is excellent news, we will become a powerhouse. Just a few points, first the positive, at least Mary Anne Gibbons admitted there are two different standards when it comes craft and management following rules and regulations,second Pat Donahoe will be the sama as Potter, we are on the road to privatization, third, when I was in Wilkes-Barre, Pa as a union officer there was a postmaster who decided to install audio-equipped cameras on her own to monitor the employees. Correspondence was sent to Mr. Potter, Megan Brennan and Ed Burke. Potter,s office and Burke at least had the courtesy to respond, but Megan didn’t respond, which shows me that friends come first.allocate some people and resources to the so-called “customer service” sections so people don’t have to wait 45 minutes in line. Mr Corbett will still give the same disinformation about 80% labor costs, but not say that he and the rest of the Postal Illuminati are included in that figure. By the way, this plummeting mail volume has quite afew employees thankful for the overtime, to bad it doesn’t exist.

  5. These are Pat Donahoe’s new puppets!!! This organization blows ” BIGTIME”.. Here’s a little insight on Megan Brennan.. Megan started her career in Lancaster, Pa as a letter carrier. Let’s just say she sucked at that because she was promoted to a cushy management job while still on her 90 day probationary period as a PTF… The funnier thing is her dad was a district manager in the central PA region… ( It’s always good to know the right people, isn’t it?? )..

    But wait!!! This gets even more pathetic… Pat Donahoe started his Postal career in Pittsburgh.. He later got into management and became Postmaster in Lancaster, Pa… .. He took Megan under his wing when he sucked his way to D.C… Megen became Eastern Pa Vice- President in Pittsburgh and now she’s on her way to D.C… You just need a High School diploma and know the right people and you’ll get ahead.. Oh yeah, You have to suck dick and kiss ass real good!!!!!

  6. Donahoe is the same guy that thinks PO customers only have to wait a short time in line. The guy doesn’t have a clue.

  7. nothing will change because these people have not worked moving the mail in 20 plus years for each one of them. When you are only interesed in the bottom line you create a system that has no face, hince the hostal work enviroment even between supervisors and the managers they work for….good bye po…we hardly new ya…but these people have no clue as to how to make the po work better.

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