MSPB: An Appellant Is Held Responsible For Errors By Representative

From the Merit Systems Protection Board:

The [MSPB] Board’s regulations allow parties wide discretion in choosing their representatives, subject only to disqualification for conflict of interest or position. Apart from those bases for disqualification, the appellant’s choice of representative is personal to her, and she may choose to be represented by an attorney or a non-attorney, at her discretion. Notwithstanding the choice, however, she remains responsible for the actions or inactions of her chosen representative and cannot avoid the consequences of her choice. Thus, any inexperience with legal matters and unfamiliarity with Board procedures on Szeredy’s part similarly do not warrant waiving the filing deadline. In that regard, the appellant has not asserted that she actively monitored her appeal, but that Szeredy thwarted her diligent efforts to pursue her appeal. Thus, she is responsible for any errors by [Debby] Szeredy in failing to file a timely PFR[petition for review].

Debby Szeredy is a candidate for APWU Clerk Division Director.

source: Carla I aGreca vs U.S.Postal Service

5 thoughts on “MSPB: An Appellant Is Held Responsible For Errors By Representative

  1. This is not a smear tactic, Ms. Szeredy is Inferior to say the least, she is all about self and that include harassing the people that she was elected to represent. She is Synonymous with a liar, cheat and a thief. Facts remain that she lost the employees claim do to late filing and not understanding the law, this is what happens when you are BIG HEADED enough to think you know everything.

  2. its easy to blame the opponent on this, but the opponent has nothing to do with this post!

  3. Ithink its just a heads up. if they’re bearing down on you, don’t mess with stewards, get a lawyer.

  4. Sounds like a normal APWU inept wannabe. With her intelligence she should run against Burass. A real mental giant.

  5. What does this post mean? There are no facts, nothing concrete regarding an error on the part of this representative. The “appelant” remains nameless and no case is presented. Another election day smear tactic. Ms. Sezeredy’s opponents should stand on their own merit and let us know how well they can do the job. Backdoor attacks like this are ineffective and insulting to the members of this union.

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