PMG Names Susan Plonkey Acting President of Mailing and Shipping Services

Postmaster General John Potter today announced Susan M. Plonkey as acting president, Mailing and Shipping Services. Plonkey succeeds Robert F. Bernstock, who is leaving the Postal Service effective June 4 to pursue interests in the private sector.

As acting president, Plonkey is responsible for all product management, product development, retail and commercial products and services, as well as commercial sales. The division is responsible for more than $65 billion in annual revenue.

Prior to this appointment, Plonkey served as vice president of Sales, where she led the integration of the Postal Service’s sales and service organizations to address the needs of commercial mailers, from small- and mid-sized enterprises to large businesses.
Beyond sales, Plonkey’s broad marketing and field experience as vice president, Business Customer Relations; district manager; plant manager; and postmaster provides her with invaluable perspective on operations and customer support.
Plonkey holds a bachelor of science degree from Kansas State University and a master of business administration degree from the University of Central Oklahoma.

source: US Postal Service Press Release

2 thoughts on “PMG Names Susan Plonkey Acting President of Mailing and Shipping Services

  1. Second paragraph: (Responsible) Does this mean any failures,slipups,mistakes,missed goals,etc results in a letter of warning-suspension-demotion-ultimate dismissal of Miz. Plonkey? I’m not sarcastic by nature. The last 26 years has resulted in extreme cynicism. Keep your stick on the ice. I’m pullin’ for ya’. We’re all in this together.

  2. Sure when one of them leaves, they hire a replacement. If you’re lower down the food chain, forget about it.

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