USPS Announces Realignment of Shipping, Scanning And Product Tracking Services


In a strategic organizational shift designed to achieve long-term business objectives, PMG Jack Potter today announced realignments within two groups representing key areas of revenue growth for USPS.

The Expedited Shipping and Ground Shipping groups have merged into a single Shipping Services group. Potter has named Gary Reblin, formerly vice president, Expedited Shipping, to lead the unified group as vice president, Shipping Services.

Also, USPS has formed the Product Visibility and Operational Performance group to develop a world-class customer information platform through scanning technologies and product tracking services. Potter named Jim Cochrane, formerly vice president, Ground Shipping, to lead the new group as vice president, Product Visibility and Operational Performance.

In his expanded role, Reblin will be responsible for all shipping products and services and customer service improvements, including product solutions, marketing, promotions and revenue in both market-dominant and competitive product classifications.

In his new group, Cochrane will lead the development of innovations in scanning technologies and tracking systems, including the Intelligent Mail barcode, and the implementation of product scanning improvements. His team will focus on operational performance, product intelligence and technology development. Cochrane will report to the Intelligent Mail and Address Quality senior vice president.

“Gary and Jim have solid track records in building our shipping services business,” said Potter. “Their proven leadership is critical to continued growth in our shipping business and the implementation of technology-driven solutions that match the needs of a rapidly evolving mailing industry.”

Potter also said the new internal structures will result in more competitive package products and scanning visibility information for customers without creating additional staffing.

source: USPS News Link

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  1. Are vice-presidents not considered “additional staffing”?

    Q: What does it say about you when PMG Potter claims you have proven “leadership abilities”?


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