Sen. Carper Reacts to PRC’s Planned 6 Month Review of Postal Proposal to End Saturday Delivery

April 29, 2010

WASHINGTON – Today, Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) released the following statement reacting to the Postal Regulatory Commission’s planned six month review of the US Postal Service’s proposal to end Saturday Delivery:
“I’m pleased that the Postal Regulatory Commission will be taking steps in the coming weeks to thoroughly examine the Postal Service’s proposal to eliminate Saturday delivery and hear the views of stakeholders on both sides of the issue.
 “I am concerned; however, that the proposed timeline that the Commission has laid out for the completion of its work might mean that a final advisory opinion from Commissioners might not come until October or later.  As I pointed out at a hearing I chaired last week, this seems to me to be an awfully long period of time, especially when you consider the fact that the 9/11 Commission came out with its report just seven months after President Bush signed the bill that created it into law.  With the Postal Service at risk of running out of cash and borrowing room sometime in 2011, it is important that postal management and Congress hear from the Commission sooner rather than later on the advisability of finding savings by eliminating Saturday delivery.  My understanding is that the law and Commission regulations envision the Commission being able to complete work on proposals like the Postal Service’s proposal on Saturday delivery within three months.  I recognize that this is an issue that a lot of people have strong feelings about but I hope that the Commission can make its views known on a quicker timeline, particularly given the dire financial circumstances currently facing the Postal Service.”

6 thoughts on “Sen. Carper Reacts to PRC’s Planned 6 Month Review of Postal Proposal to End Saturday Delivery

  1. Carper stabbed postal workers in the back in 2006, when he helped kill
    an APWU-supported amendment to the “Postal Reform Act”. This amendment would have prohibited USPS bosses from giving huge discounts to direct
    mail capitalists that exceeded cost savings. Carper wanted to continue
    USPS corporate welfare. Now he wants to eliminate 6-day delivery and help the bosses “control labor costs” by requiring arbitrators to consider the financial position of the USPS during Contract Arbitration. In effect, he lines up with fascist Republican Sen. Coburn and two-faced Sen. Liebermann to attempt to undermine collective bargaining.
    With “Democrats” like Carper, who needs Republicans?

  2. Why are they in such a hurry to cut the service that is promised to the American People? Maybe to some of you that want to destroy the USPS it doesn’t matter if they cut Saturday delivery but to alot of people who depend on the US MAIL it is a BIG deal.. The Small Business who could very well take their business somewhere else, we can’t afford to lose them right now or ever.. WAKE UP! PMG POTTER! if you really want to save money cut the fat you have @ HEADQUARTERS and your many layers of MANAGEMENT! who don’t even touch the mail, hell they probably don’t even know how to work the mail, so what are you going to do when you cut even more CRAFT jobs, just who do you have in mind to work the mail? (I mean work it right) I sure hope not your ASS KISSIN IDIOTS you have @ HEADQUARTERS.. They probably only know how to put a letter in the BLUE BOX on the corner.. OH YEAH I FORGOT THERE ALL GONE!!!! THANKS TO YOUR BUDGET CUTS… DO US ALL A FAVOR AND STEP ASIDE SO WE CAN GET A REAL (BETTER) POSTMASTER GENERAL before you DESTROY the USPS!!!!!

  3. Seems to me it’s a little fishy that there’s a big “push” to get this done, fast and NOW. Could it possibly be because our contract expires this year and it would be alot easier to negotiate if you’ve already got a go ahead to cut Saturday delivery?

  4. I wonder what happened to all the mindless rantings that I find on other boards. Might it be they have to identify themselves?

  5. Maybe the people from his state would be interested in how he is Postal Managements’ whipping boy.And how quickly he is ready to cut service to the American people.CUT MANAGEMENT jobs and the money problem would be cured.If a poster was right in another blog,there are over a 160,000 people employed by the PO that don’t touch the mail.Most being management.That means over 20% of our workforce are a burden on the PO.Time for change is at hand

  6. Senator Carper has sold-out to the privateers in the mailing industry. He has become the mouthpiece of the Board of Governors and top postal management. Let the PRC do its job. President Obama is already on the record opposing 5-day deliver. So, what’s the hurry.

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