PRC Sets Schedule to Review Proposal to End Saturday Mail Delivery

Washington, DC – The Postal Regulatory Commission today established the procedural schedule, available here, for Docket N2010-1 to review whether the U.S. Postal Service plan to eliminate Saturday delivery should be implemented.

“The Commission has developed a disciplined schedule to ensure a timely, thorough review of the Postal Service’s proposal,” said Chairman Ruth Y. Goldway. “Our process will provide multiple opportunities for the public to be heard and for all the facts to be considered before the Commission issues its Advisory Opinion.”
In addition to steps outlined in the procedural schedule, the Commission will hold public field hearings in Las Vegas, NV; Sacramento, CA; Dallas, TX; Memphis, TN; Chicago, IL; Rapid City, SD; and Buffalo, NY. Persons wishing to be considered for inclusion on a field hearing witness panel may contact the Commission at, by clicking the “contact PRC” tab or by phoning 202-789-6800.

By law, the Postal Service is required to ask the Commission for an Advisory Opinion in advance of any change in nationwide service. Commission procedures provide for public, on-the-record hearings to analyze and cross-examine the Postal Service’s “five-day” proposal and supporting evidence. During the process, mail users and interested members of the public may offer supporting or opposing views, both informally and as part of more formal, technical presentations. The nationwide elimination of Saturday mail delivery service is one of the most significant changes the Postal Service has ever presented to the Commission.

A list of the field hearing locations and times is attached.

The Postal Regulatory Commission is an independent federal agency that provides regulatory oversight over the U.S. Postal Service to ensure the transparency and accountability of the Postal Service and foster a vital and efficient universal mail system. The Commission is comprised of five Presidentially-appointed and Senate-confirmed Commissioners, each serving terms of six years. The Chairman is designated by the President. In addition to Chairman Goldway, the other Commissioners are Vice Chairman Tony Hammond, Dan Blair, Nanci Langley, and Mark Acton.



Las Vegas, Nevada – Monday, May 10, 1:00 p.m.

City Council Chambers, 400 Stewart Avenue

Sacramento, CA – Wednesday May 12, 9:00 a.m.
Sacramento City Hall, City Council Chambers, 915 I Street

Dallas, Texas – Monday, May 17, 1:00 p.m.
Dallas City Hall, City Council Chambers, 1500 Marilla Avenue

Memphis, TN – Wednesday, May 19, 1:00 p.m.
Memphis City Hall, City Council Chambers, 125 N. Main Street


Chicago, IL – Monday, June 21, 1:00 p.m.
Chicago City Hall, City Council Chambers, 121 N. LaSalle Street

Rapid City, SD – Wednesday, June 23, 9:00 a.m.
Journey Museum, 222 New York Street

Buffalo, NY – Monday, June 28, 1:00 p.m.
Buffalo City Hall, City Council Chambers, 65 Niagara Square, 12th Floor

8 thoughts on “PRC Sets Schedule to Review Proposal to End Saturday Mail Delivery

  1. What the USPS needs to do is CUT the number of VP’s. There should only be the following regions: Eastern, Central and Western. L’Enfant plaza should be sold and the rented and over 3/4 of the employees should be relocated or terminated. The Potal Service is top heavy. Pays for executives should be cut bt 25% and the total of MDO’s and Sr. MDO,s be cut by 50% with the Sr. MDO pay being equivalent to the highest AO Postmaster in the district.

  2. People who can not voice their opion/concerns over the possibility of cutting a day of delivery are all the same people who do not have a computer, send and pay bills the old fashion way, mail cards, invitation and send letters! Count our vote in to keep 6 day delivery, we still rely on the mail…..wait another 30 years and all the old folk will be gone! KEEP 6 DAY DELIVERY.

  3. cutting saturdays would increase the volume for 5 days hopefully not causing layoffs. only personel that want sat continued are union.i am union,but saving gas,,turning back the heat on weekendswould save, morale would improve because the same five guys would be off to watch their kids play ball,injuries would be down for carriers. the scheldue could be followed easy and you would still have subs to cover emergencies,vacation, doctor appts.and allow a more versatile work force in the substitute craft,arural sub could clerk ,carrycity etcheck they got mostly city territorry here, just give early out without penalty 25 plus years and 25grand, ps your back in buisness!

  4. aaahhhhhhh Mr. Connolly…..the 238 billion dollars is a theoretical numbers.
    oh yes it’s not real……we got that numbers at our DOIS system sir

  5. why not! this will give the post office an opportunity to capture saturday package delivery.every zip code in this country is not the same. alot of inner city routes ( the hood) don’t give a rats ass if they mail on saturday. it’s all junk mail or advertizing for crap they don’t want or could afford to buy. saturday delivery is not the same for the entire u.s. get it done before college football starts, hell i don’t mind staying home cutting the grass taking the grandkids to the park or zoo on saturday.

  6. Don’t let them cut our service from 6 days to 5.. Yes the mail volume is down however it’s not as bad as PMG POTTER is making it out to be. I watched the HEARINGS and when Congressman Gerry Connolly of VA asked PMG POTTER about the $238 million debt he said, the USPS was going to lose in the next 10 years.. he said, that wasn’t a real number it was just a guess!! I feel like he has no clue and wants the USPS to fail so we are forced to go private… Don’t let him destroy the Postal Service! you should FIRE him, he has no new IDEAS for the FUTURE of the USPS except GLOOM and nothing but CUTS at the expense of craft employees and not at upper management and HEADQUARTERS LEVEL thats who sucks up alot of the budget! and let the employees vote for the next PMG.. I vote for PRC Chairman Ruth Y Goldway.. Thank You,

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