March in NYC To Make Wall Street Bankers Pay!

APWU President William Burrus is encouraging union members to join thousands of activists for a rally in the heart of New York City’s financial district on April 29.

The rally will demand “Good Jobs Now” and call for new regulations to hold Wall Street bankers accountable for the mess they have made of the economy and for the jobs that have been lost. Activists from across the country will join the AFL-CIO in a march down Broadway to shed light on the more than 11 million unemployed Americans and to demand an end to “business as usual.”

“Big Wall Street bankers tanked our economy, took billions from hard-working Americans and now they are back to business as usual — paying themselves millions and fighting accountability,” said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.

“Together we can hold Wall Street accountable, restore jobs, strengthen the rules and make sure everyone plays by them.”

Participants will meet at the intersection of Broadway and Barclay (entering at Chambers Street) at 4 p.m. The rally is expected to last approximately two hours.

Members who are unable to attend can support the event by visiting the AFL-CIO’s Web site at and clicking the “Good Jobs Now!” link. There, they can provide their names to be printed on stickers and carried on signs by marchers.