Postal Service to Add Self-Service Retirement Feature to LiteBlue

From PostalReporter reader:

The Postal Service will add a new feature (eRetire) to LiteBlue which will provide employees the option of using self-service to begin the retirement process. It is anticipated that this option will become available in late March or early April 2010.

eRetire is a web-based system which allows employees to:
View an annuity estimate if they are within (5) years of retirement; Download a retirement packet or order a retirement packet to be mailed; Begin the retirement process by selecting the desired retirement date

eRetire does not replace the option of contacting HRSSC to begin the retirement process or discussing individual questions with a specialist before or during the process.

3 thoughts on “Postal Service to Add Self-Service Retirement Feature to LiteBlue

  1. GREAT!!! Finally, We get to see whats coming to us. Perhaps this will eliminate some of the confusion and miss understandings about retirement.

  2. I hope they add something that will delineate the military service debacle as well. It woul;d be nice if they could get the info ones needs so he knows how much he needs to pay in for his military service time when he is ready to retire. A program coupled with SSN that provides the info and determines if it is even better for one to purchase his ex military time. Get r done personnel !

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