Postal Rural Carriers Become National Partner In NALC Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive

New ‘Family Circus’ Artwork Arrives for May 8 Promotion

The National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association (NRLCA), which has been a longtime supporter of the NALC National Food Drive in many locales across the country, has accepted an invitation by NALC President Fred Rolando to become a full national partner in the May 8 drive to “Stamp Out Hunger.”

With the new national role, NRLCA will assist NALC and the drive’s other co-sponsors in promoting the volunteer collection of non-perishable food on the second Saturday in May, encourage increased participation by rural carriers in the effort, and help deliver donations to local food banks, pantries and shelters.

NRLCA’s logo will appear on national publications and other promotional materials of the drive alongside those of the other national partners: the U.S. Postal Service; Campbell Soup Company; Valpak; the AFL-CIO; United Way Worldwide and its local United Ways; and Feeding America, the nation’s food bank network.

Announcement of the new alliance between NALC and the NRLCA came as famed newspaper cartoonists Bil and Jeff Keane again provided the drive with special artwork to help alert citizens of the May 8 collection. Hundreds of NALC branches have already registered to participate in the food drive which stands on the cusp of breaking the 1 billion-pound mark in donations over the history of the 18-year-old humanitarian effort.

As the NALC Bulletin went to press, the number of registered branches for the 2010 drive stood at 474. Branches that have not yet registered are urged to as soon as possible in order that materials can be sent to them to assist in their local drive. There is a January 25 deadline for receipt of branch registration forms.

“After several years of participating in the NALC food drive in a very limited capacity, the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association is extremely excited by the invitation from President Rolando and the NALC to have a greater role in the NALC food drive,” Cantriel said. “We look forward to becoming a more active partner in the whole process and working closely with our brothers and sisters of the NALC for a very worthy cause.”

President Rolando, noting the severe situation that still exists in the nation’s economy and resultant jump in the number of food insecure Americans to more than 49 million, has asked all branches to redouble their efforts to surpass last year’s record collection of 73.4 million pounds, and push past the 1 billion-pound mark since the national drive began in 1993.

“There are millions and millions of fellow Americans who do not have jobs right now, or if they do, the wages are low, the benefits meager, and the security non-existent,” Rolando said. “Members of our great union have come to their aid in the past, and we must do it again. I urge all branches – however small or large – to sign up and be part of this great humanitarian effort on May 8.”

Questions regarding the food drive should be directed to Drew Von Bergen, national coordinator, at vonbergen [at]

source: NALC News Bulletin