APWU:Pay Raise Set for Nov. 21

APWU News Bulletin
APWU-represented postal workers will receive a 1.2 percent increase in their annual salaries effective Nov. 21. The raise will be reflected in the paychecks issued Dec. 11, and will be based on the grades and levels in effect on Sept. 6, 2006. The increase will apply to employees covered by the APWU-USPS 2006-2010 contract.

“The Collective Bargaining Agreement is our union’s strongest achievement,” said APWU President William Burrus. “At a time when the Postal Service is experiencing severe financial difficulties, the contractual commitment must be honored, and the required 1.2 percent pay increase must be paid. Despite excessing, reassignments, and early retirements, the raise must be granted.

“With the salary increases, upgrades and cost-of-living adjustments, wages for the vast majority of APWU members have increased by approximately $3,800 under the current contract,” he said. “In these difficult times, that is quite an accomplishment.”

The agreement expires Nov. 20, 2010. Under a separate contract of similar duration, Operating Services employees at USPS Headquarters in Washington and at a facility in nearby Merrifield, VA, also will receive a 1.2 percent raise Nov. 21. (APWU-represented employees in Information Technology/Accounting Services will receive a 1.2 percent raise Jan. 16; their contract runs to Jan. 2011.)

Per APWU bylaws, an across-the-board contractual salary increase results in a dues adjustment. This raise will lead to a 62 cents per member per pay period increase in dues for career employees, and an increase of 40 cents per member per pay period for Transitional Employees. Thirty-nine cents of the 62-cent increase will go to the career employees’ locals, and 23 cents will go to the national union, including the union’s private-sector organizing fund.

Updated pay scales were included in the Nov./Dec. edition of The American Postal Worker magazine, and are posted on the Pay Information pages of www.apwu.org