Over 40,000 Less USPS Career Employees Reported In FY 2009

On Rolls and Paid Employee Statistics (ORPES) published last week shows that USPS career employees have decreased by 40,110 since Same Period Last Year (SPLY). Over a 3-year period there are 61,151 less career employees.  The chart below covers the last 3 years from 2007 through Pay Period 20 2009 (September 25,2009). note: USPS Fiscal Year ended September 30,2009.

A few sidenotes:

– Rural Carriers gained 1,316 positions in 2008 and lost 1,151 by PP 20 2009

– Vehicle Maintenance positions increased by 14 in FY 2008 and lost 167 by PP 20 2009

– Building and Equipment Maintenance Personnel gained 300 positions in FY 2008 and lost 717 by PP 20 2009

– Headquarters On Rolls and Paid Employees Stats for PP 20 2008  listed 2,857 positions, however  the USPS 2008 Annual Report (unaudited) lists 2,892 positions.

– Out of 61,151 Field positions eliminated over the past 3 years —39,778 positions were eliminated within Same Period Last Year (SPLY). Clerks lost 17,065 positions and City Letter Carriers 11,003 (28,068)

10 thoughts on “Over 40,000 Less USPS Career Employees Reported In FY 2009

  1. Do the math and you come up with 9.3 supervisors/postmaster for each “production employee” for FY 2008 (clerks, mailhandlers, city and rural carriers) After all the cuts proposed, for FY 2009, the ratio is 9.5 for each craft employee!

    First thing you do in any business that is struggling is to eliminate the dead weight, the people not actually involved in the actual operation of the business. Do any of you believe that the service USPS provides would be affected at all by losing 25% of the postmasters or supervisors?

  2. You’re right Mike. If you’ve ever been a custodian, you would know the kind of mess that everyone makes, whether from a third world country or USA born. If you want to complain, Greg, than make sure you keep the areas you use as clean as possible yourself. By the way, I’ve been a custodian before so I know what I’m talking about.

  3. I would like to know how much money has been spent moving managerial-types from one city to another. My guess is in the millions. Compare that with the 2 weeks of leave and paultry moving van expenses paid for when clerks get excessed hundreds of miles away to some cesspool job in the ghetto that no one in that town wanted. While their houses go into foreclosure back home because they can’t sell them.

    Managers, on the other hand, get their homes sold for them, get a new house in a upscale neighborhood, if they have spouses, the spouses get to come to on the trailing spouse rule and get a job in a post office somewhere in the new town.

    I believe if the USPS was truly concerned about expenses, there would be a moritorium on moving managers, or, a moritorium on the exorbitent spending that happens when they take a new position in another city.

    But, they like their executive perks, and they aren’t giving them up. They would much rather stomp on the people who are really moving the mail.

  4. Greg…Don`t like the condition of the Latrines? Remember, a good third of your coworkers are from third world countries that are not familiar with indoor plumbing. You expect Custodians to make your (Bathrooms) look like your at a 5 Star Resort? Maybe you want a chocolate mint on your pillow too?

  5. Good to see them carving on the supervisors.

    After this current buyout they should be under 600k. At least if they get the 25k they are talking about.

    At my plant the only ones they aren’t reducing are the custodians. Not that you would know it from our bathrooms…


  6. I would bring in all casuals to replace the mail handlers. Or check with the zoo’s to see if they have any chimp’s they can spare.

  7. Yet they are lengthening carrier routes so the vehicles are now on the streets longer. The first LLV was purchased 22 years ago and is still on the road; the last LLV was delivered in 1994, 15 years ago. Whiles city routes are being reduced the excess vehicles are being moved to rural routes which are even tougher on the vehicles and yet there have been reductions in manpower in the VMF’s. The VMF have had to contract out the repair work at rates greater then they cost for their own employees even when the employees are paid penalty overtime (2X). And now we are hearing the replacement for the LLV is being pushed back again, 2025. Does this sound like Mr. Postmaster Potter has control of the USPS, NOT! All he is doing is riding the retirement sleigh.

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