PRC: The Future of Mail in the United States

Postal Regulatory Commission:

“Within our regulatory framework, I would like to encourage a national conversation on the future of mail and hardcopy communications in the United States,” Chairman Ruth Y. Goldway. The Nation’s mail system faces serious financial challenges exacerbated by historic declines in mail volume. The Postal Service has responded by cutting costs, downsizing operations, reducing its customer-service footprint and proposing further changes – such as eliminating one day of mail delivery service – that could have significant impact on customers and service nationwide. What do these changes mean for postal customers and the Nation? The conversation to answer that question has begun. Please feel free to join in by contacting the Commission. ”

Click here for a copy of the letter sent to a variety of stakeholders, organizations and associations. A list of the recipients is also included.”

2 thoughts on “PRC: The Future of Mail in the United States

  1. Not a good idea ot shut down ofr a day. We might do this where towns have a small population only. I to think brown a others will jump in.
    What about service? How can we brag about service when everyday the lines go to the door ,or out the door because of limited clerks at the windows. This is not what I call service,it just makes the customer go elsewhere.

  2. cut out one day of deliveries and just give that money to brown and federal express who are already getting ready to take are buisness, do you realy think that little bit of money will save us, i dont think so, why don’t expand our deliveries more to make money.

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