USPS May Consolidate Nine Central Forwarding System Offices

USPS sent the following letter to the Omar Gonzalez, APWU Western Regional Coordinator,notifying him on possible consolidations of Computerized Forwarding System units in the Western Area:

August 4, 2009

Omar M. Gonzalez
Western Region Coordinator
American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO
500 Airport Blvd. Suite 450
Burlingame, CA 94010-1940

Dear Mr. Gonzalez:

Please be advised that we are considering consolidating Central Forwarding System (CFS) offices within the Western Area as follows:

• Spokane to Seattle
• Portland to Seattle
• Fargo to Minneapolis
• Sioux Falls to Minneapolis
• Billings to Denver
• Wichita to Kansas City
• Des Moines to Omaha
• Boise to Salt Lake City
• Las Vegas to Salt Lake City and Phoenix

This will impact the employees in the losing CFS units. Reassignments will be made pursuant to the provisions of Article 12 by each affected district office. We will provide you updates as information becomes available.


Chris A Jordan
Manager Labor Relations
Western Area

12 thoughts on “USPS May Consolidate Nine Central Forwarding System Offices

  1. I can agree with this if the offices left doing CFS do a good thorough job. I’m sick of sending stuff down to CFS only to get it back the next day in the DPS. I also think every carrier should have to use reminder cards for all removals up to 6 months old. Some filling in for your or doing part of your route for overtime, will never be able to get the removals out of the DPS without them. In our region many removals still show up in DPS. If the public knew that their mail gets delivered to their old address when the regular carrier is off, they would feel no mercy on us should we go under. Take the time to pull all the removals out everyday, carriers; you would want that if it was you who has moved. I think of our forwarding system as one of our most valuable services, even if management doesn’t always feel the same about it.

  2. I’m lost – how does consolidating CFS units reduce customer service? CFS is just a person sitting in front of a computer screen punching keys – it makes no difference what city they are in. With all the empty trucks they are running nowdays why wouldn’t they keep one CFS unit running at capacity and eliminate the fixed costs of the other units by putting that COA mail on one of those near-empty trucks? They are supposed to operate like a business but have to put up with this sort of criticism every time they make the same decisions that “real” businesses make on a daily basis. At least the employees won’t be laid off like in a “real” business – they will be shifted to somewhere they can actually make a useful contribution.

  3. The only reason USPS charges $1.00 for a COA online is so they have a signature (Credit card approval)

  4. David- Georgie is correct. You must provide a valid credit card and e-mail address to do a change of address through It is a nominal $1.00 charge used to link the credit card with the person filing the COA. You have the option to print out the COA and send it to your local post office to avoid the charge.

  5. Why should there be a fee charged for people filing a change of address? Isn’t the cost of forwarding mail included in the price of postage along with all other costs of the service (labor, transportation, etc.) and if not, why? It’s not like the postal service never expects anyone to move and have their mail forwarded. Suppose there was a fee for this service and no one paid for it. What happens to their mail? We hold it for 10 days and then it gets returned to sender. Where is our gain? There is none, we’re still handling that mail again, except we’re returning it not forwarding it. We would also lose revenue from mailers who request address corrections.The only reason a fee is charged for an online COA is to have a link to the party filing the change online through their credit card, hopefully cutting down on identity theft.As far as charging a fee for holding mail, it seems the customer is doing us a favor by eliminating the daily delivery to their home by holding their mail while out of town. The costliest part of mail’s journey is the last mile and we’re avoiding that with no penalty to us. If someone is away for 10 days that’s 10 less trips to their mailbox at the same cost in postage. We have to stop trying to find ways of nickel-and-diming the public and come up with better ways to improve services.

  6. Post office does charge for change of address online. We need alot of change!! Everyone contibutes to the downfall from government involvement all the way to employee. There is no respect for each other or communication. The voice of the employee is a joke along with customer service!!!!!

  7. I think it if a fee was charged for changing your address there would be a lot less of it, for that matter charging a fee for holding your mail also. It would help bring in funds instead of trying to sell people something they do not want.

  8. DM, does that make PondScum a “liar?” Maybe he ACTUALLY knows something! Carvin’ Marvin Runyon chg’d the USPS and set up the failed system in operation today. And, IMMEDIATELY upon his “retirement” created the startup “” The political system that is the USPS (under the US Constitution) has always been subjected to Congressional oversight by BOTH parties. The Republicans have hampered the USPS just as much as any Democrat ever did.

  9. Pond Scum, It’s obvious you are a USPS employee. Only people inside the PO would make comments like that.

  10. What a shame to stand by and watch the Post Office strangle to death by its own management and Political back turning.

  11. I can’t help but notice that the cost savings measures that the Post Office has taken, are moves that weaken our connection with the customer. You’ve cut out window service, your removing blue collection boxes, yoyr removing Post Offices making it harder for your customers to interact, now your severely weaking some more, your forwarding system. My guess is that your being run by people who have a vested personal gain to be made if you get privitized. My recommendation is to look around you and try to figure who these upper management individuales are and try to root the out of your organization by exposing them for the Pond Scum sucking jerks that they are.

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