League Of Postmasters: Postal Early Outs Again?

From National League of Postmasters:

The VER for Postmasters, supervisors, and field EAS will be completed in just about two weeks. Approximately 2000 of these managers took advantage of this golden opportunity to leave the Postal Service early enough to build a new life with a pension to back up their dreams and plans. They’ve left a big hole and it will take some time to fill it. The sooner we get to filling supervisor and Postmaster Positions, the better. There is a strong rumor out there that there will be another VER coming soon. At this point it is just that, a rumor, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Postal Service, in an effort to continue downsizing in response to reduced volumes, announces another VER. In a related area, the Postal Service has indicated that it would like to fill vacancies within 60 days of their announcement. This is a positive step; the trick will be to get the jobs announced in a timely manner! All the more important for Postmaster, PMRs and supervisors looking to promotion to have their profiles up and ready to go once the announcements for the jobs they have been eyeing come open.

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