USPS OIG To Conduct Survey of Postal Retail Work Hours

[NAPUS] President Dale Goff was notified by the Postal Service on March 10, “effective, March 6 exceptions to the freeze on field positions will no longer be approved.”  President Dale will be pursuing this issue with Postal Headquarters.

The three management organizations met at Postal Headquarters on March 9, 2009 for three separate meetings involving NPA, BMEU, and the OIG Survey.
  BMEU:  The Postal Service is undertaking an overhaul of the BMEU system as a result of the failure of the processes to comply with provisions of the Sarbanes/Oxley Law (SOX).  The “field” and mailers will in the very near future be receiving information on compliance of the BMEU processes.

  OIG Survey:  We received an overview on the proposed OIG’s Survey of the Postal Service’s retail work hours.  They stated their objective is to determine whether retail managers are effectively managing work hours in relation to workload in an effort to reduce operating costs and improve customer service.  They (OIG) stated to all of us that the intent of the audit should be made clear to Postmasters, managers and supervisors in the “field” that this is an audit and not an investigation.  If actions occur that are not in compliance of this statement, please contact the NAPUS national office. 

source: National Association of Postmasters of the US (NAPUS) Hotline