Boston Postal Workers Goodbye To 84-Year-Old Retiring Co-Worker

Herbert Baron [pictured at left] retired at Boston P&DC on November 7,2008. He had 50 years of service.

A story of dedication

Herbert Baron retired at the P&DC in Boston after 50 years of service. His favorite job was the loop mail to which he was very dedicated in getting to the right address. He performed this task for 16 years.

Herbie was a true gentleman in every sense of the word. He had many lessons to each to anyone willing to learn.

One day, I asked Herbie what was the correct zip code for Brigham & Women Hospital. His reply was “I think today, you will learn all the zip codes for all the hospital in Boston today.” A few weeks later I again went to Herbie to ask what the zip code for Towanda St. in Dorchester was, His reply “Today is the day I’m going to teach you how to look streets up.

Over the years, Herbie taught me many lessons. He was always kind, gentle and helpful.

Herbie will be sadly missed not only by those he worked with, but also by the countless unseen customers he helped. His job has been replaced by a machine which will mark the mail “Return for better address.”

Herbie has two goals. The first is to see 90 years old,(at present he is 84). His second goal is to spend quality time with his lovely wife.

Our wish to you,Herbie, is that you attain your goals and enjoy a well deserved healthy and happy retirement.

Written by Sandy & Alex